Being a CEO of Me® as a direct sales business owner means being your own boss in every area and exerting self-discipline.  It can be hard to be consistent with your business, especially if you have slacked off or taken a break. It is always a conscious choice though as to what we do or do not do for our business. We can be our own worst enemies and our biggest obstacles sometimes too.

You need to set work hours and actually work them. You need to schedule your time wisely and stick to a work schedule. Yes, your hours and days may be flexible but you still must accomplish all the goals, tasks and chores related to your business.

How to work your direct sales business more consistently - Direct Selling CEO

It can still be fun, flexible and on your own terms though! Here are a few ways to make sure you stay consistent in your direct sales business:

  1. Prioritize and balance your work and family life. Learn to define success for yourself and also decide what your top priorities are both in your life and business. Keep those in focus with all of your decisions on how you spend your time.
  2. Become a more organized person and implement systems for success.  You do not have to have a perfect office and everything super organized. Set up simple systems and use tools like my Success System + Planner to structure your business and simplify your tasks.
  3. Stay focused and stick to a work schedule so you can enjoy all the benefits of having your own home-based business. When you work from home and have that freedom it can be easy to let things slide or become distracted. Set up a schedule for working your business either specific hours each day or using a method of theme or category days to batch your tasks and save time.
  4. Learn to say no. Doing it all doesn’t make you superhuman, it makes you super stressed. Only say yes to the things that move you closer to your goals, that honor your mission and that bring more value to your life.  It’s okay to say no to other things so you can make sure you are only saying yes to the best things!
  5. Hold yourself accountable. Get an accountability partner. Share your goals and schedule with others. Put your vision board up where you see it, read your ideal day vision every single day. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals, drive and ambition who will encourage you to take daily action and provide tools and support for being more consistent like what we offer in my CEO of Me Mastermind.
  6. If you get off track, just pick right back up. Not every day is going to be a great day. You might have times where life happens or you just need a break and that is okay- as long as you don’t completely stop. Get back to work on your business and take small but consistent steps each day.

“Getting back to the gym has reminded me to get back to developing my business. My personal goals will be more interacting and seeking out contacts, making more phone calls, and developing better follow-up methods with customers. Some outside motivation is helpful but no one can really hold me accountable except myself. If I fail at exercising regularly, I fail at my health. If I fail to find new customers, I fail at my business.”  Renee Banzhaf  

It all comes down to how you spend your time each day and what your habits are. Just like you have to exercise each day to remain physically healthy, you should work your business consistently to keep it healthy.

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