One productivity habit that has made a big difference in my life & business is doing a weekly review & prep.

On Sundays, I review my previous week to see what went well, where I struggled, celebrate the progress made, determine what I need to prioritize for the upcoming week & draft my weekly schedule. 📝 Here’s a breakdown of what I do:

1️⃣ First, I review the past week – what did I make progress on, what did I not complete that needs to be prioritized this coming week, what can I celebrate & feel grateful for, where did I struggle that I need to work on, what did I learn that I can apply to the future?

2️⃣ Next, I will fill out my weekly calendar with any scheduled appointments or events (from my monthly calendar page)

How to plan for success each week in your direct sales business - Direct Selling CEO

3️⃣ Then I create my goals for the week. (This might be #/$ specific to an area in my life/biz or it might be projects I want to complete…) I try to focus more on doing the work than the #’s because the goal is always progress, not perfection (and when you do the work – the results will come!).

4️⃣ Next, I add in my priorities for the key areas / categories / theme days of my business so I know what to focus on each day.

5️⃣ Then I add any action steps I need to take, any people I need to follow up with, any projects I need to be working on and my usual daily activities for my theme days.

6️⃣ If I already know what my power hour focus needs to be for any days, I will add that in too.

7️⃣ Then I add in any random to-do’s & reminders that aren’t project or daily specific.

It takes me about 15-30 minutes each Sunday to review & prep but it saves me MEGA time each day of the week to already have a rough draft plan before each week / day begins.

⭐ Bonus tip: do a quick 5-minute review & prep each night of your daily activities for that day & the next and you’ll be able to stay on track more daily too!

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