How to decide which direct sales party plan or network marketing company is the best for you

How to decide which direct sales party plan or network marketing company is the best for you

As a Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Coach & trainer, I am often asked about which direct sales businesses are the best ones to join. I believe there are many wonderful direct sales, party plan and network marketing companies out there and that we each have to find the right company and products for ourselves. There are several important things you should consider as you try to decide which direct sales, party plan or network marketing business is the right one for you.

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The products, company’s reputation, training provided, supportive team, cost of the kit, inventory, rules and ways you can market your business are a few key things you should look at.  Watch my video below for the specifics on each of those factors and more tips for you to get your business off to a great start with whichever company you choose.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Did you consider all of these things before you joined your company? Are there any other important factors you think people should consider before joining a direct sales company?  (Please refrain from trying to recruit others to join your company in your comments. I encourage authentic marketing, networking and supporting each other as we all create our own amazing businesses.)

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  • Jessica says:

    Great video. Thx for your tips. I like what you said about some people needing to join a couple of different companies before finding the one that’s right for them. I’ve been in my company for 8 years, but it has always been a struggle. I love the company, the incentives, and the people, but I am finding it hard to be completely on board with the products. If I didn’t sell it, I don’t think I would buy it at retail. I guess that’s been my issue all these years.

    • Misty Kearns says:

      Having a belief in what you are selling/promoting is really important – for me at least. I know that was a big factor in why I left 1 company, I realized I no longer believed in the value of the products or the compensation plan (the company made a major overhaul and basically made it harder to make $, which is never good.) so I just couldn’t promote it whole heartedly which didn’t do me, my team or my customers any good. I would encourage you to really think about it and if you feel this way because of a hidden fear maybe that you think your products are overpriced, no one will buy them or spend that kind of money or if you legitimately don’t feel a passion/connection to the products and the solution that you provide. Life is too short to do things half-heartedly. 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    This is a great video! I think it’s really important for a person to ask these questions before joining a company. Usually, the answers to these questions can help you weed out the legitimate business opportunities and the companies that are invested in their consultants’ success from the ones that are just trying to turn a quick buck, or won’t be able to stay in the game for any length of time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jill Johnson says:

    Great video and tips! I didn’t consider any of those things when joining, though 🙂 the products looked great (I didn’t own any but liked what I saw in the catalog) and I liked the idea of working from home, and jumped in (21 years ago). The comments about it not being a huge deal make so much sense since it’s easy to overthink and sometimes better to go for it and see if it’s a good fit (within reason ~~ financial issues like inventory, sales requirements, and ongoing/annual fees are good to know so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises).

    • Misty Kearns says:

      Thanks for the comment Jill! Yes definitely considering inventory, annual fees and sales requirements are good too. There are several companies now that have a bigger kit / inventory cost / requirement that weren’t around yet when I made this video a few years ago. I need to record a new one as I have rebranded and definitely learned better video skills since then too. 🙂

  • Terri says:

    Love all your insight Misty! Thank you for sharing!
    I’d like to add that there are very few DS companies that benefit from “kit-nappers”, folks who only join for the discount. I’ve found that in those companies typically the consultants are the company’s best “customer” and it truly makes it difficult for those that are focused on building a legitimate business to be successful due to “kit-napping” consultants offering bigger discounts to receive a larger discount on their personal products. I, unfortunately, was drawn into one, like this, and for quite awhile, thought I was earning a decent income through sales and recruiting… not so much the case when I ran the same team volume numbers through other DS/MLM compensation plans. Nowadays, it’s very important for me to educate my team on the difference between earning an income and earning a discount. Hoping to help others succeed! – Terri

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