I used to think that confidence was something that you either have or don’t have. And that I wasn’t one of those people who had it. What I have learned though is that confidence is something you can develop. Having confidence is key for being successful in building your direct sales business.

How to be more confident as a direct seller or network marketer - Direct Selling CEO

Have you ever thought:

“if only I were more outgoing, extroverted, confident, put-together, organized, pretty or _______ – that I could be as successful as others are in direct sales“???

“That those people must have something I don’t have and that I couldn’t ever possibly be as successful as they are”…

Then, friend, I feel you… I’m an introvert from a small town, I have an anxiety disorder & fear has been my best frienemy since way back…

When I first got into direct sales I sure as heck didn’t think I was going to be successful at it. I had just been fired from my job and didn’t want to go back to working for someone else. I was simply trying to do something to make some money until I figured out what I was going to do next…

What I quickly learned is that you can be whoever you want to be, no matter your personality, your past, your social status or your appearance…

Because in direct sales everyone starts with the same thing – a business kit & a dream!

We all have as much of a chance for success as anyone else does!

✔️You are just as capable, amazing, worthy & deserving of success as anyone else is!

Everyone has the same chance for success in direct sales because we all start with the same things: a business kit & a dream. - Misty Kearns Direct Selling CEO

But… there is one big bad wolf 🐺 that’s going to try to get in your way… FEAR…

And trust me, everyone deals with fear in one way, shape or form no matter how long they’ve been in business or how much confidence they have gained.

Successful people have just learned how to recognize their fears fast, what to do to shift them and how to take action even when they are afraid.

And… it’s not as difficult as you might think to overcome your fears and develop the mindset of a successful person.

I want to help you overcome your fears, and share steps to shift your mindset so you can easily build your confidence and can start living & working as the amazing, beautiful, capable person you are meant to be. 


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