Direct Selling Friend,

Do you want to confidently stand out in your marketing and attract more people who are actually interested in what you have to offer without being salesy or pushy?

The Branding Y.O.U. as a Direct Seller Course & Templates

will make creating your unique brand & authentic marketing plan 

easy, breezy & beautiful.

Even if you don't know how to market what you offer, who your ideal client is, you aren't a designer, don't feel confident or struggle with being visible...

Branding YOU as a Direct Seller Course, Brand Board, Logo Templates, Marketing Training for Direct Sellers

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As a direct seller, it's essential that you have a unique brand that showcases who  you are, what  you offer & how  you help people in order to attract more of the right people.

You aren't just a sales person or rep for your company.

People don't buy your products just because they are cool or on a special sale.

They can get your products (and similar ones) online or from thousands of other consultants.

So how do you get MORE of your dream customers, hosts & team members engaging with you, wanting to buy from you, book shows and join your team?

It's all about how you brand yourself, being authentic, having unique solutions and the way you market yourself, your business and your services.

Knowing HOW to show up authentically, being clear on WHO you serve, WHAT you offer and the WAY you connect with your audience makes all the difference!

So, what exactly is branding anyways?

There's a common misconception when it comes to branding that it's all about your logo, business name and the colors or design you use.

But branding is SO much more than that!

Branding is how you showcase your authentic style, personality and vibe in your marketing, content and services. It's the unique solutions you offer and the promises you make about what you can deliver.

Branding is the way you provide your service and build real relationships with people. It's your values and how you make a difference through your business. It's the unique special sauce only you have to offer.

Branding is really about all the ways you attract, share, connect with and serve your dream customers, hosts and team members.

It's not entirely your fault if you haven't mastered your branding...

Raise your hand if, when you joined your direct sales biz, someone told you to share your biz with "FRANK".
(friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, your kid's friends parents)

If so, you aren't alone. Most direct sellers are told to share their business with anyone and everyone who breathes (or eats, cooks, wears makeup, jewelry, etc...)

But you need to know that "FRANK" and everyone on the planet is NOT your ideal customer, host or team member. 

(And that's totally ok because there are PLENTY of people out there who do actually want, need, love and can't wait to get their hands on what you offer!)

While it's true that you never know who might be your next best customer...

Wouldn't you rather spend your time connecting with people who are already looking for what you offer and more likely to say YES to buying, booking or joining instead of wasting your precious time?

(I'm willing to bet that your answer is "yes!".)

Finding those people who do love, want, need and can't wait to buy what you  have to offer doesn't have to be an unsolved mystery either...

with the DSCEO Branding Y.O.U. Framework:

(Branding) Yourself & Showing up Authentically 

Offering Your Own Unique Solutions, Style & Service 

Using Design, Images & Content that Connects & Converts

you will learn how to confidently showcase who you are, what you offer & how you help people so you attract more of those dream customers!

Do any of these common branding & marketing struggles sound familiar?

Branding Mistakes - Frustrated Direct Seller
  • Most of your marketing is about your products, sales and special offers
  • You aren't clear on who your ideal client is or what they need so you are marketing to everyone (& their uncle Frank) or to no one in particular
  • Marketing your business feels like an overwhelming task because you don't have a content plan or know what to share
  • You've been taught old school sales methods that don't work anymore
  • The fear of rejection or getting a no holds you back more than you might want to admit
  • You don't know how to make yourself stand out among the thousands of other consultants and marketers
  • There are more crickets than comments on your social media posts 
  • You don't see yourself as a real business owner or treat your business like a business
  • The struggle to not come across as pushy, spammy or salesy is all too real

If so, then it's time to crush those struggles by creating an authentic brand & marketing plan so you can confidently share your business with others & grow your business with ease!

Here's what's covered in the Branding Y.O.U. Course:

Direct Selling CEO Branding YOU Course and Bonuses

Branding 101 

Learn more about what branding really means, how & why you should brand yourself separately from your direct sales company and the most important things to consider when crafting your unique branding and marketing strategy.

Part 1: Y

How to Authentically Brand Yourself, Show up more with more Confidence, Get Past Fears of Visibility, How to Showcase your unique personality, passions and purpose. You'll also learn how to Identify your ideal customers.

Part 2: O

Get clear on the solutions your ideal customers, hosts and team members are looking for & that you offer, how to create your unique selling point and craft your brand so that it attracts more of your dream customers, hosts & team members

Part 3: U

Using unique Design, Images and Content that Attracts & Converts your Dream Customers, Hosts & Team Members, Creating your Logo, Content Plan with hundreds of authentic marketing, social media post, blog and video content ideas


Putting it all together to create your unique, cohesive brand, creating your logo, brand board, brand assets & social media templates for easy content creation and repurposing, updating your business branding and confidently using your new brand.

PLUS I've included all these bonuses to help make creating your unique brand, branding assets & content plan easier!

Bonus Video - How to Choose Your Brand Name


Choosing Your Brand Name - What to consider, legal tips, finding a domain name, creating your social media profiles

Bonus - Color Guide


How to use color & color psychology in your branding & marketing to evoke feelings, emotions and get better results

Bonus Video - Branding Q & A Replay


 Bonus Q & A Replay where I answer several common branding & marketing questions & share more branding tips


Logo Design Training and How to Create Your Logo in Canva Tutorial

Bonus Video - How to Create Your Logo


Creating your Core Branding Elements & Social Media Templates in Canva 

Bonus Customizable Canva Brand Board Template and Tutorial


Brand Board Template you can customize in Canva (plus a video tutorial of how to create your brand board)

Bonus Customizable 20 Different Logos in Canva and Logo Creation Training


20 pre-made sample logos you can customize to easily create your own unique logo

Direct Selling CEO Branding YOU Course and Bonuses

The Branding Y.O.U. Course, Canva Templates & Bonuses are a $177 value! 

You can get continued access to everything listed above for a one-time payment of $177 USD!

Only $77 usd

What others have to say about this course:

"Misty's training on branding has helped me see why I have struggled with sharing my business online. I now feel like I can talk to people about my business and not feel afraid or embarrassed. I understand that it isn't all about me, what others think of me or me selling something. I love that my business now feels like a real business! I was also able to come up with lots of ideas for posts and videos that show what I offer in a way that feels good to me and I'm actually getting comments and orders from my posts now too!"

- Heather Jones

customer testimonial - worth every penny

The Branding Y.O.U course was better and covered way more than I expected. I realized how many little pieces to the puzzle I was missing with my branding and content plan. I now have solid brand identity and a better plan for connecting with my audience. 

- Danielle Fraher

This course has helped me to think about my business as MY business, not as a representative of the parent company. I loved all of the other resources you offered and have gone to them more than once to find & create things for my marketing. I love the templates you created in Canva and the personal help you were willing to provide when I had questions. I am glad I have this course and the templates available to go back to as I continue to develop my brand & improve my marketing.

 - Paula Fontinel

Misty Dawn Kearns, CEO of Me & Direct Selling CEO

Hey friend, I'm Misty Kearns.

I'm an introvert, enneagram 5w4, history loving, small town girl from North Carolina. As a Coach & Business Mentor, I help direct sellers step into the role of a CEO so they can create more success without all the stress. 

I'm also a former top leader in direct sales who has proven that authentic marketing and unique branding is essential to growing a successful business. (Yes you can be shy, introverted and your total dorky self and be successful!)

I want you to know that

you DON'T have to:

➡ become pushy, aggressive or annoying.

➡ change your personality or your appearance or be like anyone else.

➡ know everything about your products.

➡ be a great salesperson.

➡ beg, plead, bribe, convince or bother anyone to do business with you.

➡ or be online, working and hustling 24/7 to get leads & build your business.

To be successful, you DO need to:

❤ know WHO is it that you serve,

❤ understand WHAT your ideal customers need,

❤ share HOW you solve their problems and

❤ showcase WHY you are unique,

❤ AND be authentic in how you share information, focus on helping others, giving value and build relationships in order to attract more customers, hosts and team members.

Confident Direct Seller

The truth is...

 by being your own, amazing, authentic self - you'll feel more confident and be more comfortable sharing your business with others. You'll shine a light that allows others to see how genuine & caring you are. You'll be able to easily build trust & connect with people which will make them want to do business with you time & time again!

If you're ready to become an authentic marketer who confidently shows up, serves, connects and attracts more of the right people, then it's time to invest in yourself and start Branding Y.O.U.!

Direct Selling CEO Branding YOU Course and Bonuses

After completing the Branding Y.O.U. Course you'll have:

☑ your brand identity clarified and created

☑ a branding kit with a logo and matching social media images

☑ your authentic branding statement & messaging to use in your marketing & conversations

☑ your ideal client description & attraction keywords

☑ your unique solution statement & selling points

☑ a 3 step plan to attract your ideal clients

☑ hundreds of content ideas for social media, email and blogging topics that will connect with & help convert your leads

☑ all your core branding elements completed & ready to start using

☑ ready to use templates for images and graphics for your marketing

☑ more confidence to share your direct sales business with the world!

Why you need this training & the templates now:

1. Having a unique brand all of your own will help stand out more online and in person as direct seller and attract more of your ideal customers, hosts and team members.

2. You will feel more confident about sharing your business with others once you are clear on your unique solutions, style & the value you offer.

3. Your customers, hosts and potential team members will be thrilled to hear from you when you use these authentic strategies because they'll know you genuinely care and are there to serve them.

4. You'll save loads of time with your marketing, creating images and content because you'll have ready to use templates you can customize, a plan to follow and training to look back on whenever you need it!

blue desktop scene

More Feedback from Branding YOU customers:

The bonus Canva templates and tutorials were worth the price of the course, even if nothing else had been included! I learned a great deal about how to use Canva, how to set up my brand board, create images, designs and templates I can use for my marketing which has saved me a ton of time and helped me look more professional.  The course and other training is amazing too!

- Shanae Westcott 

I have a better understanding of Branding & how to brand myself, what content to share and how to share what I offer better. It's been so blurry and confusing and this course has really brought it all into focus.

- Dorine Hartnet

Thank you for this course - it's exactly what I need to restart my business after a long pause! 

- Donna Watson

This training was beneficial and I recommend it. Planning my content and knowing what to post and regularly posting has been so difficult for me. This course has helped me organize my marketing and focus more on the right activities that produce results.

- Monica Gray

Ready to make branding & marketing your business easier?

It's time to start
Branding Y.O.U.!

Direct Selling CEO Branding YOU Course and Bonuses

Here's what's included with your purchase:

1. Branding Y.O.U. Course & Workbook

2. Choosing Your Brand Name (Video)

3. How to use Color Psychology (Guide)

4. Bonus Branding Q & A Replay (Video)

5. Logo Design Training & Canva Tutorial (Video)

6. How to Create your Core Branding Elements & Social Media  
    Branding Templates in Canva (Video)

7. Customizable Brand Board Canva Template

8. Bundle of 20 Customizable Professional Logos (Canva Templates)

The Branding Y.O.U. Course, Canva Templates & Bonuses are a $177 value! 

Get continued access to everything listed above
for a one-time payment of only $77 usd!

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