Last week in one of the direct sales networking groups I am a member of, there was quite a bit of company bashing after one particular direct sales company was somewhat trashed on a TV show. (This did not happen in my groups as I don’t allow that kind of behavior.) It really made me sad to see several consultants dive in and start saying how horrible that company was and how much better their company was and even going as far as trying to recruit people away from that company. That is just not the way it should be.

I have been involved in direct sales for almost 10 years now. I love direct sales and the opportunity it offers for anyone to be able to come in with very little to no investment and start their own business and totally transform their lives. I love that there are so many different companies, products and opportunities out there for everyone. It is a really great industry to be part of that is full of a lot of amazing people. There are always going to be a few bad apples in each bunch. I think it is important for everyone to really consider how their actions and attitude can reflect other’s view of direct sales and direct sellers in general as well as their own success.

I get it, you love your own company and you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Maybe it is the best thing, for you. I have to tell you something that you might not want to hear but you need to: while your direct sales company might be the best one for you, that does not mean it is the best one out there.

Why your direct sales company is not the best one out there

The truth is that there is not one best direct sales company out there because we all have to find the right direct sales company for our own selves. Plus we can’t all be with the same company. Not everyone has the same interests, goals or style. Not everyone is good at the same sales model / method of business that some of the companies offer or promote. That is what is so great about direct sales. There is a company out there for (almost) everyone to find that fits their passion, personal taste and lifestyle.

Yes, you should love your company and be passionate about it, but you should also realize that we can all go a whole lot further if we support each other on our own journeys instead of acting like you are in some clique in high school.

That is what authentic marketing that I am always talking about is all about: giving your best to others and helping (or supporting) them in finding the solutions, products, opportunity that is best for them.

That’s the kind of community I am building with CEO of Me. One that celebrates the success of others, one that lifts other entrepreneurs up instead of kicking them when they are down. One that is focused on supporting each other, not competing with each other.  Authentic marketing & networking is all about from connecting & building mutually beneficial relationships with others – it is not just promoting yourself and your business!

You will never get anywhere in life or in business by knocking other people down. Only in lifting others up do we lift ourselves up. (I’m paraphrasing a Booker T. Washington quote.) Plus just think of all the amazing connections, friendships and mentoring you might miss on because of not being willing to support those who are in other companies.

You don’t need to be like a big peacock showing its tail feathers trying to make out like you or your company is better and more impressive than someone else or some other company. That is not attractive at all. There is no need to compete. There is room for all us to be successful and we all have to find the best company for ourselves. Final thought & quote to share: “I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it.”

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  • This is awesome! I hate seeing others talk bad about another company. We should just worry about doing the best we can in our lives and build one another up instead of tearing someone down.

  • Every company I’ve seen has something good and different- just find what speaks best for you. It may not work for someone else! Thank goodness for options!

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