Having a successful direct sales business doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. You can create simple systems in your business and a schedule that allows you to work smarter by using theme days in your direct sales business.

This is a productivity method I used for years and have even implemented it into my coaching business and housework. It uses a method of batching similar tasks together and focusing each day on a specific area of your business. This allows you to maximize your time. Instead of jumping from one task to another to another, you complete related tasks all within a much shorter period of time.

I am a commitment phobic. I do not do well with working set hours each day.  I finally figured out that I do better with having a list of tasks and focus for each day of the week. As long as I get those tasks done during the day, I know I am good to go. This allows me to have the flexibility I crave while still getting massive amounts of work done in less time. If you need to work your business in set hours, you can still implement the theme days / batching process too, so it works great for all personality types out there.

Work Smarter by Using Theme Days in Your Direct Sales Business + Free Printable Weekly Planner
Here’s a breakdown of what my theme days were like in my direct sales business.

I’m a little bit of a word nerd so I like for my theme days to start with the same letter as the day of the week. ūüėČ You can do these however works best for you and your business and personality though.

Monday РMotivation & Meeting Monday РPlanning for, prepping for upcoming team meeting (most of our team meetings were on Mondays) Also some personal development time & following up on any contacts/emails/messages from the weekend.

Tuesday РTeam Tuesday РConnected with at least 20 personal team members & my team leaders 1 on 1. Follow up with potential new recruits, hold recruiting interviews or an opportunity event/webinar/promote our opportunity.

Wednesday – Work in my office Weds.
¬†– Take care of office admin. tasks today, paperwork, preparing business materials, income/expenses, mailing things, sorting, filing, bagging orders, sending thank you notes…

¬†– Talk about my Business¬†–¬†this was my Marketing focus day, get out & about, schedule social media, prepare for upcoming vendor events, follow up again with any leads from the past week or past events.

Friday – Follow up Friday –
¬†Follow up on anything needed to follow up on from earlier in the week or that I didn’t get done, follow up with customers & hosts, submit orders, close parties, finish out the week.

Saturday – Success Saturday
 РCheck out the new announcements for the coming week, plan out my schedule and prepare for a successful week. (I typically had vendor events or parties on Saturdays so sometimes this would shift to Sunday)

Sunday –
Sundays I really tried to not work too much, it was church and family day though I would usually spend a little time in the afternoon responding to emails, catching up on anything that didn’t get done and reviewing my task list for the upcoming week.

Three other quick tips to help you with scheduling and maximizing your time:

Power Hours РWhen you focus on one task or similar set of tasks for one hour blocks (or even 30 minute blocks), you will be able to get more done in that hour than you would in 3-4 hours.  When we skip around on tasks, it can take us up to 15 minutes to refocus on each task, that is a lot of wasted time.

Top 3 Priorities – This is another area that is key for me in saving time. Each day I write down my top 3 priorities/tasks and work on knocking those out first. I know if nothing else gets done, if the rest gets pushed to the next day, as long as those 3 most important tasks are done, I am good.

Stop Procrastinating: Do the things you typically put off FIRST. If you don’t, you’ll spend the rest of the day doing all kinds of things you don’t need to do to avoid them. Knock it off your list and move on to all the rest.

I hope that helps you learn how to work smarter by using theme days in your direct sales business! 


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  • […] Create a schedule to work your business that works with your current lifestyle and family. Depending on your personality you might need to schedule in working set hours from 10-2 on Tues & Thurs or 7-9 Mon & Friday & 8-1 on Sat. Or if you are like me and need a more flexible schedule, theme days might work best for you. With theme days, I focus on 1 area of my business each day of the week. This allows me to know in advance what I will need to be working on and cover all the key areas in my business each week without being tied to a set schedule every week. Learn more and get examples of theme days and tasks in my article here. […]

  • I’ve been implementing power hours into both business and personal tasks and get more accomplished in that hour than in 3-4 with no direction and plenty of distractions.
    I will start implementing theme days to focus even more.
    Thanks for the tips!

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