Direct sales friends, I know things are frustrating and changing every day with the current pandemic and you might be wondering what to do to keep your direct sales business growing.

I’m seeing several warehouse/distribution centers for direct sales companies having to temporarily shut down and stop shipping. I know this is disheartening BUT this doesn’t mean your biz has to shut down temporarily too!

1. Don’t panic, instead pivot!
2. Get creative, not frustrated!

There are still many things you can do build your business!

What to do if your direct sales company has to close its warehouse or stop shipping temporarily - Direct Selling CEO

You can still be sharing helpful info, serving, sharing, being a light, doing lead generation, growing your social media following, doing lives, demo’s, having convos with people, doing fun events in your VIP groups, following up & having 1 on 1 conversations, selling from your inventory, taking orders, booking future parties, training your team, taking care of other biz admin tasks that you are behind on and doing SO many other things!

It may not be business as usual but there are many opportunities to continue growing and thriving in your business & building a solid foundation for when we can be back in action 100%.

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