Giving excellent customer service and building strong customer relationships does not have to be complicated. That all begins with gratitude and can be as simple as two words- “Thank you.”

Those two words seem to be a rarity these days. I’ve found this to be especially true when it comes to retail and customer service.  Perhaps I’m just more sensitive to it because I have a customer service centered career or maybe it’s because of how I was raised.  When I make a purchase, I want someone to say thank you and to show some amount of appreciation.

I try very hard to always say thank you and show appreciation when someone supports me or my business.  Maybe it’s different for me because my livelihood depends on other people. There were many times in my first few years in direct sales when someone’s purchase meant I could buy groceries that week or pay an unexpected bill.

Two words that can immediately improve your customer relationships

A few years ago I placed a large order with a consultant from a direct sales company.  I really didn’t need the products I purchased but I wanted to support her business as she had supported mine in the past. I liked the items and knew I could use some as gifts.

Not one single time did she say thank you or anything similar to it.  I even contacted her a couple times to make sure she saw that I had made a purchase and let her know I received it. I know she is alive and well, thanks to Facebook. I just can’t understand why I never received a thank you. It truly baffled me.

Not hearing “thank you” makes me feel like my purchase, my business and myself personally mean absolutely nothing to this person.  It also makes me not ever want to do business with her again.

If you are in direct sales, retail or customer service and reading this, then please let me encourage you to take the time to say those two little words to all of your customers, no matter who they are or how much they spend.  I always encourage my team members to show every customer, host, recruit, referral the same amount of respect, courtesy, excitement and gratitude regardless of who they are or how much they spend. Take the time to give over the top customer service and you will never have a shortage of customers, business or income.

Even if you aren’t in a customer service type career, please let me also encourage you to say “thank you” every chance you get. Let me finish by also saying “thank you” to you for reading my blog post! 🙂

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  • Thank You for this post!!! I try to remember to be more thankful for all I have and continue to be blessed with but sometimes I forget to thank Him. God is the reason we have it so we have to remember that everyday! Continue being a blessing through your blog. I appreciate all the information you share.

  • I always send a card, as I’m also a Stampin’ Up! demo, is the least I can do. If I don’t get thank you, I just look for another consultant. It’s Basic Business 101

  • I send posts with thank you images. A small note with a thank you and maybe a small gift of gratitude. And I also pick up a phone and call. I love keeping my customers happy and they always come back for more. 🙂

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