Organizing your direct sales business & controlling your time doesn't have to be so overwhelming...

If you're ready to stop the chaos & start working smarter, there is an easier way - with my printable direct sales planning system, the training & tools that are included with the Direct Selling CEO Business Toolkit!

DSCEO Toolkit and Direct Sales Printable Planner and Training

The Toolkit includes the DSCEO Direct Sales Planner System. The Printable Planner is available in EIGHT different designs / color choices.

Direct Selling CEO Digital Planner Preview

NEW! Digital Planner Version - works with Goodnotes, Xodo, Notability or Noteshelf on iPad, Android or Windows Tablets/Devices!

The printable planner & training in the DSCEO Toolkit will help you:

Create a schedule, structure and plan to work smarter & get more results in your business

Get organized & streamline your business with ready to use printable checklists, templates & systems

Take control of your time & daily activities so you can be more productive, confident & consistent

Even if you've tried other planning systems, have never been able to stick to a schedule, seem to always get stuck in procrastination or aren't really even sure what activities you need to be doing...

 "I had been wasting time, energy, resources and lots of money on my lack of systems for my business. This toolkit & printable planner system has made a huge difference in my time management and how I plan and record for my business. The included training on scheduling & systems is invaluable! I am more organized and better able to manage my time instead of coming up with forms and ideas with the little time I have available. EVERYTHING I need to stay organized is in the downloadable files with the printable planner. I just find the form I'm looking for and print. Misty is always available for any questions I may have too. I highly recommend this toolkit & planner to anyone in the direct sales industry."

Kyla Duguay Thirty-One (USA)

Over 5,000 direct sellers from 14+ countries have purchased the DSCEO Toolkit & are using the printable/ downloadable planning pages to work like a CEO!

You can create an efficient schedule, organize your tasks, get in control of your time, increase your confidence, productivity & consistency with the DSCEO Toolkit!

Direct Sales Printable and Digital Planner and Training by DSCEO

The Toolkit includes 3 tools:

1. DSCEO Printable Direct Sales Planning System & Tutorials for how to Implement Systems, Use the Planner & Increase Productivity -  8 Designs / Colors to choose from for the Printable Planner OR choose the NEW Digital Planner!

2. CEO Mindset, Direct Sales Systems & 90 Day Planning Classes (to give you the strategies to start stepping into the role of a CEO in your business & work smarter)

3. Schedule Smarter Workshop & Workbook (to help you create a weekly action plan and effective schedule to reach your goals and definition of success)

Not sure yet? Keep reading to learn more!

Imagine if every day you:

  • felt calm, confident, excited and ready to work in your business
  • knew exactly what to do that day (and every day) to grow your business and get the results you want...
  •  had checklists to follow and processes in place in a business planning system that make it easy for you to follow through...
  •  looked at your calendar and saw a daily, weekly and monthly activity plan mapped out for achieving your goals consistently...
  • were in control of your time and balancing your life and work better...
  • actually enjoyed working your direct sales business consistently like a CEO without having to hustle...
Direct Sales Printable Planner Toolkit

That sounds amazing, doesn't it?

So why is it such a struggle to be productive, organized & consistent in direct sales?

Problem Number 1

Many direct sellers aren't 100% clear on what their goals are or the exact activities they need to be doing each day to actually achieve their goals.

Problem Number 2

They don't have an efficient schedule, action plan or systems in place for working their business that helps brings results with ease.

Problem Number 3

They aren't sure how to get past the fears, excuses, procrastination, self-doubt and common obstacles that keep them spinning their wheels.

Insert Content Template or Symbol

Does any of this sound familiar?

You started your business with so much excitement and maybe things went well at first (or maybe not) but now you find yourself struggling to keep the momentum going...

In your heart, you want to be successful but you seem to continually get stuck in procrastination mode, making excuses or avoiding working on your business altogether...

You get excited when you make some progress but can't seem to maintain it. It feels like it's always 3 steps forward and 2 steps back...

Sometimes you see others earning recognition and achieving their goals and you start to doubt yourself and wonder what you're doing wrong (or what's wrong with you)...

You spend a lot of time planning, making lists, have sticky notes, papers and files everywhere but can't seem to get it all organized and actually get in control of your time...

Most days it feels like you are just spinning your wheels. You have a hard time sticking to a schedule and actually working your business consistently...

If you're shaking your head & saying "yes",  you aren't alone!

All your struggles with time management, creating a schedule and being consistent are not uncommon.

It's not even entirely your fault that your direct sales business is running you more than you are running it.

I used to have those same problems and after working with and helping thousands of others direct sellers, I realized something fundamental is missing in the training and tools available to direct sellers.

You see, most direct sellers don't ever get any serious training on
time management, 
business management or developing a success mindset.

Unfortunately, the focus tends to be on marketing strategies and product information.

Those strategies are essential, but knowing all the marketing techniques in the world
won't help you create the necessary skills for running your business like a CEO.

So how do you overcome those struggles?

By implementing systems & a schedule that help you think & work like a CEO!

The Direct Selling CEO Toolkit

provides all the printable & fillable PDF checklists, planning pages, training & tools you need to streamline your business, get organized and create an efficient schedule so you can 

stop spinning wheels & wasting so much time!

  • Take Control of Your Time
  • Organize Your Business
  • Master Your To Do List
  • Increase your Results
  • Be more Consistent
  • Create more Ease in your Life
DSCEO Toolkit and Direct Sales Printable Planner preview

The training & tools Direct Selling CEO offers has helped me develop the mindset, structure, systems & strategies to take control of my business & step into the leader my team needs & manage my time better so I can keep my family first. My favorite thing about Misty programs are how everything is shown in step by step implementation plans that you can customize for your own business & style. I also love that Misty & the group are there whenever I need help or support.

Kelly Benoit Paparazzi Accessories (USA)

It's time to start working more like a CEO
with the training, tools & resources included in the DSCEO Toolkit:

Direct Sales Printable and Digital Planner and Training by DSCEO
Product Number 1

The DSCEO PlannER System 

Print & create your own custom direct sales business planner to organize & streamline your business with this downloadable, fillable PDF planner. ($47 value) 

This is SO much more than a printable calendar planner.  There are over 80 direct sales specific checklists, planning pages and systems you can follow to organize every aspect of your direct sales business PLUS monthly, weekly & daily calendar pages.

It includes step by step systems, checklists, templates & planning pages for all the key areas of your direct sales business including: goals, scheduling, marketing, customers, parties, events, fundraisers, team building, team leadership and business admin.

You can choose the Printable PDF Planner to download and create your own system OR the NEW Digital Planner version which works with Goodnotes, Xodo, Noteshelf or Notability on iPads, Androids and Windows tablets.

There are EIGHT different designs / colors / styles to choose from with the Printable Planner too so you can pick your favorite that matches your style, business, brand or personality! 

Plus, I've included tutorial videos & a Getting Started Guide to help you get your planner put together and give you ideas on how to utilize & implement every section, checklist, planning page of the planner to create custom systems and streamline your business. ($47 value)

Product Number 2


Learn how to begin thinking and working more like a CEO, strategies to improving your confidence, habits and time management, plus how to create and implementing systems and automated your business with the planner files and the 90 day planning method in these bonus training classes and worksheets.  ($47 value)

Product Number 3


The printable planner system will help you get organized, but you also need to have an efficient schedule and weekly plan of action to achieve your goals. That's why I've add this workshop as a bonus to the Toolkit.

In the Schedule Smarter Workshop & Workbook, you'll learn how to actually create an efficient schedule, break your goals into activities, set up themes & a weekly action plan, overcome procrastination, work smarter & control your time. ($77 value)

You can purchase the Toolkit with all the training & bonuses & your choice of a single design of the Printable Planner only for a one-time payment of only $21.97 usd  (SALE - Reg. Price $27)

OR get the Toolkit with BOTH the Digital Planner & Printable Planner in Simply Divine for only $29.97 usd! (SALE - Reg Pruce $47)

This toolkit & planner is a MUST HAVE for the direct seller who wants to focus, set goals and priorities and get their business to the next level. This has allowed me to get excited about my business success a year in advance as I worked on ideas & activities by the month, the week and every day. It's worth much more than the investment.

Louise C.  (AU)

Which printable design is your favorite?

Ethereal Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO
Vintage Elegance Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO
Simply Divine Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO
Luscious Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO
Rosé all Day Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO
Blooming Faith Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO
Cool Confetti Direct Selling CEO Printable Planner
Fierce Direct Selling CEO Printable Planner

This has been by far the best printable planning system I have found and I have searched for a long long time and spent money on multiple planners.... This Toolkit & training has gotten me into a great groove with my business and I am way more organized and detailed now. It has also given me a ton of new ideas on how to better run my business that I never thought of before! Forever thankful that I took the plunge and purchased this product and am part of DSCEO now!

Jennifer Cook Perfectly Posh (USA)

  • While the printable planning system might seem like the sweetest part of this Toolkit, applying what you'll learn in the training to creating systems, an efficient schedule & controlling your time along with using the PDF planning pages is what will truly shift your business & help cure the chaos.
  • The DSCEO Printable Business Planning System is a bundle of downloadable fillable PDF files with templates, checklists & planning pages specific for direct sales businesses PLUS multiple calendar pages in Sunday & Monday start. The pages are undated and you have continued access to download and use them.
  • The files are set up in a 90 Day / 3 Month Ready to Print front/back format. You simply choose the Monthly Calendar Start Date you want to use (Sunday or Monday), then the Weekly or Daily Layout you want to use (CEO, Vertical, Horizontal, Hourly or Daily), and then the sections you want / need for your business.  This makes it completely customizable so you only have to print and use the calendar layout and business sections / pages you actually want or need!
  • You can print and create your own planning system in a 3-ring binder, Happy Planner or ARC/Disc system or A5 planner of your choice and make it custom to your business and personal planning style. 
  • Then you can print more and more pages / templates as you need them for years to come. You only have to purchase the Toolkit/Printable Planner one time but can use it as many years as you like!
  • The planner files, checklists and planning pages are also fillable PDF's meaning you can type directly in them and save them to your device instead of printing if you prefer.
  • AND there are 8 different designs to choose from so you can pick your favorite style!
  • NEW! Digital Version of the Planner is available now if you prefer to have a true flip-through digital planner to use on your iPad, Android or Windows device with Goodnotes or Xodo or similar app. Click here to get the Digital Planner

Prefer using a Digital Planner? 

Check out the NEW Digital Version of the DSCEO Planner Below

Works on iPads, Androids & Windows Tablets/Devices with Goodnotes, Xodo, Notability or Noteshelf (Tech Tutorials & Tips included)

Bonus Printable Planner in the Simply Divine Grey/White style is included with the digital planner purchase so you'll have the printable files too!

Need Captions? - Click on the Settings Wheel on the Video Player, Subtitles, then English Captions

There are over 80 planning pages, checklists and tracking sheets specific to the key areas of building a successful DS business PLUS Monthly, Weekly & Daily Calendar Pages!

The files are set up by sections and in a 3 Month Ready to Print front & back format.

For the PRINTABLE PLANNER - All you have to do is choose the files (calendar start date, weekly layout, other sections) that you want to use based on your business focus, download them and print. Then add the pages to a 3 ring binder or Disc System of your choice and start planning!

For the DIGITAL PLANNER, it is already set up in sections and subsections ready for you to customize and start planning and adding your content!

List of included planning pages:


  • Sunday & Monday Start Monthly Calendar Pages
  • Weekly Calendar Pages in exclusive CEO layout, Hourly, Horizonal and Vertical layouts
  • Daily Planner Page
  • Monthly Dashboard Page
  • Monthly, Weekly & Daily Habit & Activity Tracker 
  • Month in Review
  • Notes Page


  • My Best Life
  • My Dreams
  • My Business Goals
  • Vision Board
  • Goal Planner Page
  • Project Planner Page


  • Business Information
  • Logins & Passwords
  • Business Growth Tracker
  • Monthly Biz Income & Expense
  • Yearly Biz Income & Expenses
  • Company Incentives / Prizes
  • Mileage Log
  • Gifts, Giveaways & Donations
  • Inventory


  • Weekly Contact List
  • Lead Follow Up List
  • New Contacts Sheet
  • Customer Info & Follow Up 
  • Customer Order History
  • Phone Call / Message Log
  • Order Tracking
  • Gift Certificates
  • Replacements/Missing Items


  • Monthly Marketing Ideas
  • Monthly Marketing Plan with action prompts
  • Monthly Contacts Tracker
  • Social Media Planner (2 versions)
  • Social Media Content Carousel Planner
  • Livestream Planner
  • Video Planner
  • Blog Post Planner
  • Catalog Requests
  • Sample Requests
  • Product Swaps


  • Host Coaching/Connections Tracking Sheet
  • Booking Calendar
  • Theme Show Planner
  • Home Show Planner
  • Guest Info
  • Show Totals & Summary
  • Online Show Planner


  • Recruit Lead Follow Up Tracking & Checklist
  • Future Team Member Info
  • Team Member Onboarding Tracker
  • New Cons. Onboarding Checklist & Tracker
  • Team Member Coaching


  • Team Coaching Sheet
  • Team Member Information
  • Team Connections Checklist
  • Team Prizes List
  • Team Meeting Ideas
  • Team Meeting Planner


  • Upcoming Vendor Events
  • Vendor Event Planner


  • Fundraiser Planner


  • Lined & Dot Grid Notes Pages
  • 12 Create your own Customizable Tracking Sheets
  • Month at a Glance
  • 12 Month Planning Blocks
  • Quarterly Planning Blocks
  • Weekly Power Hours/ Theme Planner


  • Customizable Cover Page
  • Training Cover Page
  • Customizable Section Cover Pages so you can add your own sections
  • Matching Tab Divider Labels

Having a successful direct sales business shouldn't be so complicated.

Misty Dawn Kearns, CEO of Me & Direct Selling CEO

Hello, I'm Misty Kearns, Coach, Business Mentor, introvert & former top leader in direct sales. I help direct sellers step into the role of a CEO so they can create more success without all the stress. 

I started in direct sales in 2006 as a kitnapper, never thinking it would become a life-changing career that would open so many doors for me. I didn't have a clue what I was doing in the beginning and most of the training I was given access to was about marketing, products and team building.

I quickly found myself overwhelmed and stressed out with trying to track, manage, follow through and organize my business. Then as I began leading a team, I realized they were having the same struggles with time management and a lack of processes. 

I looked for a solution but when I couldn't find anything specific for direct sellers, I decided to create something for myself. The first version of the CEO of Me® (now Direct Selling CEO) printable direct sales business planning system was created over 12 years ago.

I began coaching and mentoring other direct sellers & selling my printable planning system in 2016.  Since then, over 5,000 direct sellers have purchased the toolkit & are using the printable planning system to get organized, implement systems & optimize their businesses.

I know how frustrating it can be to manage a growing direct sales business, keep everything organized and control your time.

I also know that when you have a plan, step by step checklists, systems and processes in place that it's easier to show up and do what you need to each day to get the results you want!

There are tons of apps, tools & programs for task management & business organization BUT those tools are not set up to help with many of the direct sales specific activities.

Several studies have been completed that prove the people who write down their goals & tasks and use checklists are up to 75% more productive & more likely to get results!

I am in love with my DSCEO business planner! I can print only the pages I need, arrange them in my ARC disc planner in the way that makes the most sense to me. It keeps me on organized & on track. I would suggest this system to anyone that needs help keeping track of business and personal life & getting organized! 

Brandi Vermillion Pink Zebra (USA)

You don't have to figure things out the hard way.

Getting organized is easy with my Toolkit!

  • even if you've never been able to stick to a schedule before or
  • you've tried other tools, apps, planners and strategies that didn't bring you results
  • or you continually sabotage your progress and get stuck in procrastination or
  • you don't feel confident enough in yourself right now to fully embrace being a CEO of your business...
Enjoy working your business with less stress

The included training classes & pages in the printable planning system will help you:

  • Get clear on your goals, priorities and definition of success
  • Break your goals down into easy to follow action steps
  • Create a daily & weekly action plan to maximize your time 
  • Implement systems & processes that automate your business
  • Review your progress & prepare for success each week
  • Become more confident, organized & consistent 

It's time to stop winging it & instead start working it like a CEO!

More feedback from customers:

Testimonial Heidi Steen

“This printable planner is the answer to my prayers. After feeling so overwhelmed with how to keep track of all the things in my business, I am so grateful to have found it. It has everything I could need in one place. The training tutorial really helps you implement the systems. If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed, you need this planner and toolkit now.”

Heidi Steen Younique (UK)

Using the tools and being part of the programs Misty offers has helped me gain the knowledge, structure, confidence & self-belief to share my business with others, to be visible like never before and to manage my business like a businessThe mindset shifts & personal growth along with the continual support & community have been invaluable!

Kim Teamer Paparazzi Accessories (USA)

Celeste Eden Testimonial

“I feel much more organized and a sense of relief as the chaos is finally under control, printed out in beautiful folders. I wake up to cheerful prints and a calm organized day. Misty has made this a no-brainer. It is simple, step by step/ easy to use but most importantly it is customization. The fact you can print it for life is why I decided to purchase, and now I am so glad to have the system!

Celeste Eden The Self-Care Planner Girl (Canada)

Stephanie Flynn

I have only just started to implement the DSCEO system & already I am treating my business more like a business & not like a hobby. I am more organized & wake each morning with a plan and ready to take action.  It has helped greatly in shifting my mindset into thinking like a CEO. I love this Toolkit!

Stephanie Flynn 

Shannon Potter

“The Toolkit & Training was a great investment. It is a lifetime purchase and can be used way beyond my direct sales biz. I love that it’s fully customizable and I can only print the pages I need. I think a huge benefit of the Toolkit is the hour long video Misty put together to teach you how to get the most use out of your planner. On top of that there’s a bonus video on how to be more productive in your business. I highly recommend the Toolkit for anyone who is looking to take full control over their biz.” 

Shannon Potter AVON (USA)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is this a physical product I will receive in the mail or digital download? How will I access it?

Question: Is this toolkit/planner only for USA direct sellers or will it work if I'm in the UK, AU, CA or Europe?

Question: I already have a calendar planner that I love, how is this different?

Question: What size are the pages? Is this set up to be printed for smaller planners like Disc bound, ARC, Happy Planners or A5 size planners? 

Question: Will I have to purchase the toolkit planner again each year or be charged again for it?

Question: I don't really do parties for my business, will this toolkit & the systems still help me? 

Question: What if I already purchased a previous version of your toolkit/planner? Do I get access to the new version?

Question: Can I buy this and then share the files with my team or other direct sellers?

Question: Can I have the toolkit printed at Office Depot or other stores or somewhere online?

charlotte duarte

Misty's Direct Sales Toolkit & printable planner system has helped me in so many ways, far more than I had expected when purchasing. If you are sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to buy it or not I say Do it! There's tons of valuable info packed into this toolkit far outweighing the price! I can "Breathe" again! I work full-time job as well as my direct sales business, which is now growing! And to think I almost gave up and quit! Thank you Misty!

Charlotte Duarte

Wasting time, not having a plan and being disorganized is keeping you from creating the business (and life) you desire.

The struggle doesn't have to be real anymore...

The DSCEO Toolkit has everything you need to start running your direct sales business more like a CEO! 

organized woman working from home
  • Take Control of Your Time
  • Organize Your Business
  • Master Your To Do List
  • Increase your Results
  • Be more Consistent
  • Create more Ease in your Life
Direct Sales Printable and Digital Planner and Training by DSCEO

"The DSCEO Toolkit has helped me to focus on the important aspects of my business and be so much more productive. I felt lost and almost ready to quit my business before finding this Toolkit. I now have a new fire burning for my business & a plan to reach my goals thanks to the tools, training & support Misty offers!"

Lindsay Mathias Color Street (USA)

Ready to organize your business & get in control of your time?

Choose your Printable Planner Design Below & Buy the Toolkit now for only $21.97 usd! (SALE - Reg. Price $27)

Or get the Digital Version for iPads & Tablets with Goodnotes for only $29.97 usd!
(SALE - Reg. Price $47)

Get immediate access to these products to help you create more success without all the stress!

DSCEO Toolkit and Direct Sales Printable Planner and Training

1. Your Choice of One Single Design of the Printable DSCEO Business Planning System - DOWNLOADABLE PDF FILES   

OR the Digital Version for use on iPads / Tablets with Goodnotes and similar apps

Includes: direct sales specific checklists, planning pages and worksheets for all 10 key areas of your direct sales business (Goals, Schedule, Marketing, Customers, Parties/Shows, Events, Fundraisers, Team Building, Team Leadership, Business), PLUS monthly, weekly & daily calendar pages) ($47 value) AND a Getting Started Guide, Tutorials, Tips & Training to help you implement everything ($47 value).

2. CEO Mindset 101, Systems for Direct Sales 101 & 90 Day Planning Classes + Worksheets to help you with improving your confidence, habits and time management, implementing systems and automating your business.  ($47 value)

3. Schedule Smarter in Direct Sales Workshop & Workbook to give you the strategies to create an efficient schedule, break your goals into daily, weekly & monthly activities and create an action plan for success & increasing productivity ($77 value)

*All sales final. No refunds. Single user license included for your own personal business use.

(This is not a physical product. If you choose the printable planner, you will need to print the files yourself at home to create your custom planner. If you choose the digital planner, you will use it on an iPad or tablet.

Select your Printable Planner Design Below for only $21.97 usd
(SALE - Reg. Price $27)

Or scroll down to choose the Digital Planner Version
(for use on iPads/Tablets) for only $29.97 usd

(SALE - Reg. Price $47)

Printable Planner Designs - $21.97 usd SALE

Printable Design - Simply Divine (Grey/White)

Simply Divine Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO

Printable Design - Luscious (Purples)

Luscious Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO

NEW Printable DESIGN - Cool Confetti (Pink, Teal, Green, Orange)

Cool Confetti Direct Selling CEO Printable Planner

Printable Design - Fierce (Leopard Print Tan/Black/Brown)

Fierce Direct Selling CEO Printable Planner

Printable Design - Ethereal (Greens/Blues/Gold)

Ethereal Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO

Printable Design -  Vintage Elegance (Black/White/Gold)

Vintage Elegance Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO

Printable Design - Blooming Faith (Yellow/Pink/Red/Turquoise/Mint)

Blooming Faith Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO

Printable Design - Rosé all Day (Pinks/Peaches/Grey)

Rosé all Day Printable Direct Sales Planner by DSCEO

Digital Planner (iPad/Tablet version) - $29.97 usd
(SALE - Reg. Price $47)

The digital version includes all the bonus training, courses and a bonus printable design (Simply Divine) too in case you decide you want/need some or all of it printed.

Direct Selling CEO Digital Planner Preview
Jessica Olsen Testimonial

There is a sea of planners & direct sales training programs out there and every one just seemed to be lacking something I wanted and needed to organize my business & take control of my time. The Direct Sellling CEO Toolkit has EVERYTHING I needed and so many extras! It was a one stop shop for all my direct sales planning needs! Thank you!

Jessica Olsen Paparazzi Accessories (USA)

Tamari Willette

I am beyond thrilled that I purchased this toolkit. It is so much more then I expected it too be. The training videos have been so helpful and I have learned a ton. I’m so excited to start implementing this program. I got more then my moneys worth for this toolkit! Thank you so much!

Tamari Willette Zyia Active

All sales final. No refunds. This is digital product & meant for personal use only (single user license).

This is NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT, you will not receive anything in the mail.   This is a digital download of files & online courses. The printable planner system is a bundle of PDF files for you to download and print at your own home to create your own custom business planner. You can also upload the files to any PDF annotator app like Goodnotes, Noteability, Xodo or Squid to use the files on a tablet/iPad. The PDF files are also fillable so they can be typed in and saved to any device if you don't want to print them.

You will receive an email with the link to access to the download links & Training Videos after completing your purchase.

By purchasing you agree to our terms.   For help, support or additional questions, email