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I'm Misty Kearns, Coach & Business Mentor & founder of Direct Selling CEO (and CEO of Me). I help direct sellers step into the role of a CEO so they can create more success without all the stress.

You will find many great tips, tools, training and printables here on my site to help you with creating more confidence, productivity & authentic success in your direct sales business.  

I've put together a list of resources to help you with getting started below.

First, I would love to invite you to access my Masterclass "4 Steps to Being a Direct Selling CEO" for FREE here In the class you'll learn the 4 common mistakes direct sellers make & how to avoid or correct them and 4 strategies to improve your confidence, productivity, marketing & business skills. 

Misty Dawn Kearns, Direct Selling CEO

Next, please come like our new FB page for Direct Selling CEO where you can enjoy daily success tips and weekly live training.

Below are links to some of my more popular blog posts, tools and resources to help you with different areas of your business:

If you are thinking about starting your own direct sales business:

How to Decide which Direct Sales Company is best for you

If you are new, struggling to get your business going or need help building your confidence:

How to Succeed in Direct Sales as an Introvert

5 Weekly Actions to Keep your Direct Sales Business Alive & Thriving

How to Shift your Marketing to Serving instead of Selling

7 Ideas to Build your Direct Sales Business Outside the Home Party

How to get your friends & family on board with your Direct Sales Business

Best Life & Business Planning Course & Workbook

Cultivating Confidence Class & Challenge

Productivity & Organization Training & Tools:

How to Shift your Direct Sales Business by focusing on Income Producing Activities

5 Ways to Work Smarter in your Direct Sales Business

5 Ways to Create Consistent Results in Your Direct Sales Business

How to plan for success each week in your direct sales business

How to Create a Customer Follow Up System & Overcome Follow Up Fears

CEO of Me Direct Sales Success System, Toolkit & Planner

Marketing, Parties & Sales ideas:

Vendor Event Success Tips for Direct Sellers

Host Coaching Success Tips for Direct Sellers

4 Tips to Improve your Online Parties

How to Make Videos & do Livestreams for your Direct Sales Biz

How to Shift your Marketing to Serving instead of Selling

Direct Sales Party Pro Courses

Recruiting & Team Building Tips:

5 Tips to Improve your Recruiting Results

How to Recruit in Direct Sales without being Pushy

5 Direct Sales Leadership Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Direct Sales Recruiting, Team Building & Leadership Bootcamp

Tools from other companies I use & recommend:

Ivory Mix Stock Images & Social Media Templates
Canva Pro (free 30 day trial)
Screen Cast-o-Matic (for screen recording)
Adobe PDF Pro / Creative Cloud
Streamyard Live Streaming (for FB lives)
Siteground Web Hosting for smaller sites/blogs

Liquid Web Hosting for larger sites/businesses who need dedicated servers
Sucuri Website Security Monitoring, Firewall & Backup
Logitech C920 Pro Webcam
Blue Yeti Microphone
Thrive Themes & Architect Site Builder

Mailerlite Email Automation/Newsletters/Funnels
Membervault (Member/Course Platform)

*The above tools are affiliate links – I may earn a commission if you purchase anything throuhg my links. I only recommend products I personally use & love.

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