Direct Sales Online Virtual Party Success Training Program
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Are you ready to increase the average sales of your Online / Facebook parties & events?

Would you love to end each party with bookings & new team members too?

Do you want to have guests who rave about your parties and come back to shop again & again?

Would you like to feel confident about doing your own awesome videos & live demos?

Do you want to save time by creating a simple system for all your parties that's fun & easy?

What kind of impact would an extra $100-$200 income one, two or more times a week make?

How about being able to make that extra income without having to leave your house?

Let me show you how to do all of this in an easy, fun & systematic way so you can feel more confident holding online parties & get better, bigger results in less time!

I have a secret to tell you... I don't really like to do home parties. (GASP!) I know, I know, I'm not supposed to say that... Ya'll, I'm an introvert and I love working from my own home on my own schedule in my own comfy pj's... That's what being a CEO of Me means to me - doing your biz your way! When I started in my direct sales business, I didn't even hold a home party for almost 8 full months! However, during those 8 months I had replaced my previous full-time income already mostly from doing online parties, networking and recruiting through the internet and social media. 

Home parties are great and they can be very profitable, but with the internet, there is so much opportunity to truly have a work at home career now (or supplement your business with online parties between your home parties!)  I loved to party online, get sales to help my hosts earn free products, connect with new customers and help them find products they loved. I was also able to find lots of new potential recruits to build a relationship with and welcome to my team - all from the comfort of my living room!

Plus I could do 2-3 parties a week in the same amount of time as it would take me to do just ONE home party. That's triple the sales, income, bookings and recruits for the same amount of work (and I could work from my living room in my pj's - did I mention that already?).

I see so many direct sellers who are struggling to get online parties booked or get many sales much less more bookings and recruits from their online parties. There's more to it than just posting about your parties and sharing product pics and videos or jumping on a FB live and talking though. You have to have a system and offer online parties that are engaging, fun, authentic and easy for your hosts and guests to participate in (and fun and easy for you too!). If you are doing the same ol' party format you see everyone else doing and just posting a bunch of "salesy" posts for 30 minutes to an hour, you aren't going to get the results you want.

I developed a really simple party formula that hosts & guests are excited to participate in because the parties are so much fun, authentic, personal and engaging!

It's all about the experience you create and having an efficient system that makes it successful!

I have now trained hundreds of other direct sellers in a variety of companies on this system. Even though the framework is the same, they are able to use their own unique personality, passion, branding and style to make the parties their own and still get tons of sales, bookings and recruits too (and stay out of FB jail too).

I cover so much more in this course than just the system and framework for online parties though. I share tips for confidently marketing your business online, tech tips for using FB, creating videos & images, rocking your FB Lives (yes even if you are an introvert or terrified of the camera), getting bookings, host coaching, getting recruits and creating an effective follow up system that gets you repeat business and referrals! 

I want you to have everything you need to create a fun, engaging, effective online party system of your own so you can save time & enjoy more results while building your home based business too! 

I've put all my systems, tools, checklists, tips and training together into this course & included several bonuses to help you rock every aspect of your online parties!

Look at the results others have achieved since taking this course:

"I have never been successful with FB parties until TODAY!! I just set the party up last night & after following Misty's step by step directions, today we have 12 RSVPd, tons of interaction and even a sale already!! This FB party is off the chain exciting! The interaction is awesome!! I can't wait to see what else unfolds!"  UPDATE After the Party:  "If you haven't yet tried Misty's Facebook party training... Go NOW and get it! My FB parties are always just average. I purchased Misty's training this month and did my first party with her format. These were my results: $1006 in sales, 3 recruits and 3 bookings!!! Soooo worth the investment!!!" 

Sarah Rose, Norwex Senior Executive Leader

"I was really struggling with my Facebook parties and feeling like they were a waste of time because hardly anyone would attend or participate. After watching your training and trying a couple of your tips, my guest attendance and average orders almost tripled with the very first party and I met my first sales goal! I am excited to start using more of the tips and system you train on!

Candace T., Tastefully Simple

"I just have to tell you that I tried the live online party style you recommend at my party last night and could not believe how many people participated! I had more orders than my last few parties and booked 2 parties from it too!"

Lorie C., Tupperware Ind. Manager

You will learn everything you need to do to have successful online/virtual parties from start to finish in this training course including:

  • Online/Virtual Party Basics
    • What are Virtual Parties & How are they Held?
    • Virtual Party Best Practices & Rules
    • How to Set up your Facebook Party (Tech Tips)
  • Different Types of Online Parties
    • Online Parties WITHOUT a live online party
    • Online Parties WITH a live online party game
    • Online party with a livestreamed party
  • Host Coaching for Virtual Parties
    • How to Get Your Host Involved in the Party
    • Host Coaching Tips for Higher Sales, Bookings & Recruits
    • How, When & Why to Host Coach
    • Host Coaching Packet , Challenge & Tools
  • Successful Online Party Flow/Template
    • Pre-Party
    • Kick Off Day
    • Leading up to the Live Online Party
    • After the Live Party
    • Closing Out the Party & Following Up
  • Online Party Survey/Drawing Form

  • Online Party Images
    • Creating Your Custom Images
    • What images you should have for your parties
    • Creating Your Custom Albums
    • Party Template/Background Images Included that you can customize
  • Online Party Videos
    • The 6 MUST Have Videos you Need to Create for Super Successful Parties
    • Video Recording Success Tips
    • Video Editing Tips & Tricks
    • How & where to upload your videos & share them during the party
  • Online Party Live Demo & Games that Work
    • Using Facebook Live for your Parties
    • Other Live Platforms to Consider
    • The most effective Facebook Party games you can play
    • Other Party Games you can use to mix things up
    • How to Get Bookings, Recruits & big sales during your Facebook Live parties
    • Detailed, step by step instructions and templates to apply for your own business
  • How to get the guests engaged, interacting & ordering
    • What to do, say & share, when & how to get your guests participating, ordering & build a relationship with them
  • Scheduling Your Party Posts
    • Social Media Scheduling Apps & How to Use & Schedule Your Party
    • What you should and should not schedule
    • How to stay out of FB Jail
  • Closing Out Your Parties & Following Up for Continued Success
    • What to do to get bonus sales, bookings & recruits after the live party

This online course includes over 3 hours of video training, a workbook with checklists, planning pages, word for word templates & tools to help you create your own successful online party system.

You'll also get access to bonus training on marketing, creating videos, creating your custom party images & host coaching and what to do before & after the party to get even more results and repeat business from the guests.

I've even added in several sets of pre-made party images you can customize!

Direct Sales Facebook Online Party Course

AND... Because I know you need bookings in your calendar first before you can rock your online parties, I'm also including my "Get Booked" Bookings Training for FREE! ($47 value!)  AND my "Theme Party Ideas & Planning eBook for FREE too! ($47 value)

PLUS... I'm also including bonus training classes on "Marketing Your Business through Video & Livestream" so you can get confident and comfortable creating videos and holding lives for your events! ($77 value)

FB Party Course Bonuses

Why you can trust that my methods & strategies will work:

Misty Kearns CEO of Me DS Career Pics

I'm Misty Kearns, an introverted, creative, small town girl from North Carolina who went from fired & broke to successful entrepreneur & CEO of Me®.  My mission is to encourage & empower other female entrepreneurs to step into the role of a CEO of Me® in their own life & business so they can enjoy a more confident & fulfilling life.

I started my direct sales journey in 2006 joining just for the discount with no intention of building a business. I did not think I could be successful in sales much less as a leader. I am an introvert from a small town & at that time in my life I had no self confidence. I really thought I would just be a happy "kitnapper" and enjoy getting my products at a discount for a while.

Three months later I lost my full time job.  I was single, 25 years old living on my own with no money in savings. I quickly piled up massive debt using credit cards to pay bills and fell into a depression. I knew I wanted more for my life but had no idea direct sales could open up the door to so many possibilities.

I decided to dive into the business & give it a try until I figured out what I was going to do. I realized that direct sales was a great fit for me & I was able to replace my full time income in less than 6 months! This began my journey to being the CEO of Me®. I have worked from home full-time as a single female and enjoyed life on my terms ever since.

I quickly moved up the ranks in my company & consistently placed in the Top 20 Directors for my Region & in the US. I was, at the time, the youngest person to earn a free convertible in the company's growth program. I enjoyed multiple incentive trips and regular recognition for my team recruiting & team sales. 

I started a blog named CEO of Me® in 2011 to share what I was learning with others. This led me to creating a great community and having others asking me to coach and train them as well as sell some of my printable tools I had created for myself & my team.  At the end of 2015 I left my direct sales career to become a full-time Coach & Mentor. 

Direct sales offers so many rewards beyond an income & recognition. While I earned more prizes than I can remember, gaining self worth & confidence and being able to live life on my terms has been life-changing! That is one of the main reasons why I LOVED doing online parties. It allowed me to be able to work from home, on my own schedule. As an introvert and someone who has high anxiety, I have always found working & interacting with people online to be much easier than in person.

I quickly learned that the key to success with online parties (and in person one too!) comes down to a few key things:

1. creating a unique, beneficial and fun experience for your guests that fits YOUR own style & personality

2. effective host coaching strategies

3. what you do before and after the party and

4. having a simple, easy to follow system that you can duplicate again and again and quickly customize for each host, party, theme, season or event

Whether you have never held an online party before, have been holding them with mediocre results, or are holding a lot of parties, this course will help you create a simple, effective party system that saves you time, automates your results and gets your hosts and guests excited & engaged!

My Online Party System course and all the extra bonuses will show you how to create YOUR own unique party system that increases sales, bookings and recruits without your having to be spammy, pushy or online all the time so you can create a better experience for your customers plus enjoy your business more!

The course has pre-recorded videos (captions are included) that are available for you to watch at your convenience. You have lifetime access so you can revisit the course at anytime.

You'll also receive access to an Online Party Workbook that has planning pages, checklists, word choices, scripts, step by step systems and tutorials so you can easily implement what you learn and customize it for your own business.

I can't wait to help you rock your online parties so you can create a better experience for your hosts & guests and get more results for your own business in less time!

Here's what you will get with this training:

Training Video Course & Bonus Videos, Plus Written Transcripts & MP3 Audio

Workbook, Checklists, Templates & Scripts you can use & customize for your own business & parties

Pre-Made party image packs
you can customize with your own business info & products

Direct Sales Facebook Online Party Course
FB Party Course Bonuses

3 Reasons Why You Need This Training Now:

1. Having a simple system for success with your Facebook parties will give you more confidence & save you hours of time & frustration trying to figure this out and set everything up on your own.

2. Creating your own unique online party flow that includes all the important aspects of a successful party will enable you to increase your sales, bookings & recruits from your parties & keep you out of Facebook jail.

3. Your hosts & guests will be excited to host & participate again and again in your parties because they will be fun, authentic, personal and engaging! No more boring, same ol' text & links party formats here! You'll love being able to hold parties that work for you & your unique personality!

More results & feedback from others using this system:

Insert Testimonial

"Anyone who hasn't purchased this course needs to do it now!!! This is the most comprehensive training I have ever seen. The value of the course out weighs the cost. Even at regular price!  I just finished up my 1st Posh party with Misty's Party plan implemented and I have to say it was not only one of the most successful parties but also the most fun! I was scared to do it so I only invited 3 vip friends and all attended placed orders of over $100 each. They said it was the best party ever!  So far I have 3 parties booked and 1 possible recruit too!"

Marie Jones, Perfectly Posh Premier Consultant

"This training is Amazing. Misty goes into detail to make sure she covers every aspect of Online Party Training! A MUST for you to explode not only your Facebook parties but also your home parties!"

Susan Cox, Pink Zebra Executive Manager

"This course leaves nothing out, it's more than just a simple how to, Misty shares a step by step plan so you can immediately start creating your own online party system. I realize now it's more than just what you do during the party but also before and after to get better results. Thanks so much!" - Jessica C.

"I have been wanting to do online parties for a while but really did not know where to start. Your training has helped me feel totally prepared to do them now."

Nicole M., Thirty-One

"Wow, so many great ideas and tips for creating really fun and interactive parties! I love the party flow template that is included as it makes it so easy and simple to customize and create one for my own business!"

Amanda R., Jamberry Nails Ind. Consultant

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