Are you an introvert who thinks they can’t be successful in direct sales or do you have introverts on your direct sales team & want to learn how to help them succeed?

As an introvert myself who also attracted a lot of introverts to my direct sales team, I understand the struggles introverts face with building a successful direct sales business.

I can, however, tell you that being an introvert or extrovert really has nothing to do with how successful you can be in direct sales or any business! Everyone has their own superpowers and you simply need to tap into them and do what you are best at for your business to thrive!

How Introverts Can Succeed In Direct Sales and Network Marketing

I started my journey through the direct sales industry in 2006. I started just for the discount and said I would never hold a party or build a business. I was in my mid-20s, shy, introverted and had zero self-confidence. While I had experience in retail sales, I never thought direct sales or leadership would be something I would be good at. I loved the product though and was just naturally sharing with friends and family while not trying to work the business.

Three months after saying I would never build a business, I lost my full-time job. I was 25, single and had less than $1,000 in savings. I knew I did not want to go back to the corporate world but wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

I decided to start working my direct sales business more until I figured out what I wanted to do. I had nothing to lose, so I dove into the business. I quickly realized how many opportunities there are in direct sales, not just for income, but to gain support, confidence, friendships, having a flexible schedule and so many of the things I wanted in a career.

I promoted up each month, and within less than six months, I was able to replace my previous full-time income. I never considered another “job” again and have been enjoying the CEO of Me lifestyle for 10 years now.

In addition to direct sales, I have been successful at blogging and website design. Now as a Certified Coach & Business Mentor, I teach other direct sellers and online marketers how to develop the mindset of success, overcome fear and gain confidence, how to authentically share about their business without being pushy or salesy and how to create and implement systems that help them work smarter so they can get more results in less time.

I want you to know that if you are an introvert, it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful in direct sales (or any marketing type career). Most introverts don’t like small talk or being caught off guard, and typically their energy gets drained from being around a lot of people or in highly social environments.

The first thing is to understand that fear is normal and natural.

It is simply a chemical reaction in your body when your brain senses a situation that is either unfamiliar or uncomfortable. You can learn how to work through that fear by changing how you think about marketing your business.

Second, is to be prepared!

When I feel like I know what I am talking about, I feel more confident to share with others. Take the time to learn about your products and promotions, to learn word choices, write out scripts, practice and memorize them until you feel confident saying them. Practice makes confidence.

Third, start small.

Start with sharing with just one or two people at a time. Then continue to work your way up until you are more comfortable in larger groups. Last but most important of all, make your mission about serving and helping others, and focus on building relationships. When you stop worrying about yourself so much and instead start being genuinely interested in others and how you can help them, that passion can help you overcome the fear.

By focusing on building relationships, providing solutions and being authentic you can attract customers to you. Remember it is important to follow up and nurture your relationships and continue to stay in contact. Most bookings, recruits, sales and commitments do not happen until the 5th-8th conversation / follow up.

Get to know your customers and potential customers, what their needs are and what their personalities are. Cater your party themes and options to them and what will excite them.

Following up is important too.

Instead of worrying if you are bothering people, think about how you are providing a service and that when you don’t follow up it looks like you don’t care about them or their needs. Don’t be afraid to ask people either. If you don’t ask, you have a zero percent chance of getting a yes. If you do ask, you have at least a 50 percent chance of a yes! You never know from where that next party might come, and one party can lead to dozens more parties.

Last, but not at all least, whether you are an introvert or not, it’s important to be your best self and let go of perfectionism.

You will learn as you go just like everyone does so don’t be so hard on yourself. Focus on serving others. Be passionate about what you do. Be consistent and persistent. Understand that direct sales is more of a marathon than a sprint. It takes time and hard work, and it won’t always be easy, but the rewards are always going to be worth it so keep going for your dreams!

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  • I ‘m an introvert and talking to people I don’t know is very uncomfortable, yet I want to successed in this profession.

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