Rejection… No one likes it. It’s probably 1 of the biggest reasons why so many direct sellers do not reach their goals. Either they are afraid of being rejected or they have been rejected one too many times and don’t know how to move past it.

How to Overcome and Deal with Rejection in your Business - Direct Selling CEO

Rejection can come in many forms from people saying no about your products, host program or business opportunity, getting negative feedback on something you post/share online, having unhappy customers and not getting support from friends or family.

I’ve been dealing with rejection my entire life from my birth father walking out and giving up parental rights to me when I was a toddler to being fired from my corporate job, in my direct sales business and even now as Coach. As someone who is very sensitive and struggles to not be a people pleaser, there were times those feelings of rejection totally crushed me. I had to learn how to deal with rejection in order to not only become confident & successful but to be at peace with myself. The biggest thing I have had to learn to accept is that rejection by others is not about me, unless I make it about me.

I recorded this short video on Facebook for you recently to share how you can prepare for, deal with, overcome and even be grateful for rejection! I hope you’ll watch it and that it will encourage you to take bold steps towards your goals.

How to deal with rejection in direct sales
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  • Thank you for this post! Being told “NO” all the time can drag you down and hurt your positive thinking.

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