There will come a time in your direct sales party plan business where you will hit roadblocks, bumps and maybe even fall into a slump. No matter how long you have been in the business or how successful you are, it can happen to anyone. Even top leaders who seem to have everything going right for them, I can promise you that they have struggles and have overcome slumps too.

How to overcome a slump in your direct sales or network marketing business

I think there are 6 main reasons why we might end up in a slump in our business: We stop doing what we should be doing, disappointment, issues in our personal life/lack of balance, not having big enough goals or getting disconnected from our goals/why, burn out, and comparisonitis. It is important to understand what causes a slump and recognize these things so we can avoid them or get over them faster in the future.

If you are in a slump in your business, check out my video for practical tips and advice on how to get out of it & get your head & heart back in the game. I also share tips on how you can avoid getting into that slump in the first place.

Have you ever been in a slump in your business? I would love if you would leave a comment below with your thoughts what I have shared & any other tips you have for getting out of (or avoiding) a slump.

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  • Very guilty of comparison -itis. I always been what I consider a slow leader – I earn it but it takes awhile. thanks for the tips!

    • Krista, it’s an easy trap we can all fall into from time to time! As for being a slow leader – remember slow & steady wins the race, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Keep going & you’ll get there! 🙂

  • Thank you for this. My upline posted the link and I needed to hear each example. I’ve only been in my Direct Sales Company as an Independent Consultant for almost a year. Sales has never been my thing as I was a “take it or leave it” kind of salesperson but I LOVE the company I’ve started with. It was just a side line up until now but due to a recent surgery and not going back to work in time, it’s now going to be my full time job and that was my intention in the beginning, just didn’t plan on it being so soon.. Thank you Misty for this and I wrote down each idea and solution

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