Has life ever knocked you backwards or have you ever gotten really off track in your direct sales business or just feel like you didn’t know how you were gonna pick yourself up and move forward or get going again? If so, this video is for you. (transcript is below too if you prefer to read)

Hey, I’m Misty with Direct Selling CEO. I’m a coach and business mentor and I help people in direct sales improve their confidence, productivity and authenticity so that they can step into the role of a CEO and enjoy their best life and best business.

In this video I’m answering a question that one of my awesome members, Amy, who asked about. “What do you do when life knocks you back in a huge way? How do you get back on track in your life and in your direct sales business?” So let’s talk about that for a minute.

How to overcome a setback or slump in your direct sales business - Direct Selling CEO

What to do when you hit a setback or slump in your direct sales business:

I think we’ve all experienced that. I have many times in my life. And so now my perspective is when life, God, the universe, whatever you believe in, knocks me backwards. I take it as a sign that I need to be considering my priorities and my perspectives. And looking at how I’m spending my time and what is really important. Also that maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Or maybe it’s trying, trying to show me something that I need to see, but I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

A good example of that is the health issues I dealt with in the last couple years. It made me significantly slow down. I had to stop doing one on one coaching. Then I had to close down a membership program. I had to stop doing in-person speaking. And I also had to take take a solid year and a half, basically off or only working part time to get my health back. And that was a huge blow because my business was grow, grow, grow, growing and everything was going great. I was traveling. I was living my dream life. So I thought until that happened. That was a huge knock backwards for me and also mentally, not just physically health stuff.

I’m so grateful for that because it forced me to slow down and really look and reevaluate and spend a lot of time in therapy and and taking care of my health and working on myself, my mindset and priorities.

Step 1: Look for the blessings, lessons and evaluate

That would be my first thought is to not look at it as a setback or being pushed backwards, but look at it as there’s a reason for this. What can I learn from it? How can I grow? What can I do to become a better person? How can I shift and adjust and do better in the future based on what’s happened or whatever is causing this to happen?

Step 2: Take care of yourself

The second thing, as far as getting back on track, self-care is important. You’ve got to take care of yourself and your family and those things first and foremost, because if you don’t, nothing else is going to line up. I don’t know your particular situation, but I suggest making sure that all the foundational things, your priorities, your core values and your health are all steady and stable before you try to jump back on track. Otherwise, it’s going to be really hard for you to stay on track.

Step 3: Go back to the basics of goal planning, vision boarding, your dreams and focus

What I would say then to do next is go back to the basics of goal planning. Like what we do at the end of or beginning of each year where we sit down and we do an annual review and we look at the upcoming year and consider what we want to work on and improve on what our goals are, what our focus word is and create our vision board and all of that.

That’s a great way to get yourself back on track is to go back through that process and review what’s really important to you. What is your definition of success? What are your goals? Where do you want to see your life in the next three months, six months… What do you want to improve on and what lights you up and what do you enjoy and what’s going to be fun and easy for you to take a step forward on.

Step 4: Do some work you really enjoy or that comes easy

The next thing I will say that works really well, even if it’s not a huge setback, but maybe you have like a mishap or disappointment or have some small setbacks or you just feel in a slump and are struggling to get motivated. First of all, again, maybe you need to take a little time off for relax, refresh yourself.

The best way to get back into it is to start out doing something you really enjoy in this easy for you just to get yourself in that momentum. So don’t dive back into something that like you really hate doing or that’s really difficult for you. Jump into something that is fun, that’s easy that you get that those endorphins and that spark of joy that likes you up and that will get your energy up a lot of times, your motivation up and allow you to get in that momentum and move forward.

For me, that’s typically going to be something to do with creativity. Creating something, designing something and creating a printable. Or something to do with like creativity. That’s what’s easy and fun and sparks joy in me. So that’s what I will.

A lot of times if I’m struggling or procrastinating or I’ve had a setback or whatever and like, I just can’t get going back in the groove of things. That’s when what I will do or say to myself- what can I create or what can I update? Maybe A new planner design or new printable or make some social media images or something just so that I am doing what I enjoy and I feel like I’m being productive and I’m in that momentum. That will usually push me forward into being able to work on and do a lot of other things and to get back on track to doing it.

It’s all about perspective and choosing to be pro-active

Everything happens for a reason and for a purpose. Don’t look at it as like failure or a mishap or whatever. Look at it as was the blessing. And what’s the lesson and how is this gonna help me grow and do better in the future? And what do I need to really consider?

Maybe you’ve had a setback because of things you were focusing on, you shouldn’t have been focusing on. Maybe you had a setback because you were about to go in a direction that you were not supposed to go on. And so there’s a purpose and a reason for it and a lesson to learn. Try to stay focused on gratitude, on being kind yourself and loving yourself and whatever the biggest and most important people when things are in values, you are in your life no matter what. I hope that answer helped.

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