One area I see Direct Sales & Network Marketing consultants seriously struggle with is in the area of following up. This is often because they do not have an effective system in place to keep up with their customer’s contact info, notes or a solid process for following up.  Even if you have a good system in place, often times you may not follow up out of fear or not knowing what to say to follow up.

It’s essential that you offer your customers a wonderful experience from start to finish. Following up is a great way to show how much you care, serve your customers and build relationships.

Tips for Improving your Customer Follow Up Systems in Direct Sales

We need to make our people feel valued and appreciated. It’s not just about their money or making a sale. You want to ask questions, listen to people. Be more focused more on how you can help solve a problem for the customer instead of just closing the deal.

Have conversations, ask more questions and listen to people. Provide value and solutions. Come from that heart-centered, mission-based way of marketing and sharing your business. Do the unexpected. Go above and beyond. Do the extra little things that people don’t expect or they may not get from anybody else.

Treat people how you would like to be treated. Really, truly, it’s a simple golden rule of life, but treat your customers how you would like to be treated as a customer, the gratitude you would like to be shown in what you think would be an incredible superstar experience for someone.

If you’re worried about following up with people, with connecting, with sharing your business, remember this: when you are genuinely focused on helping the customer and you’re being authentic and coming from that place of service, you will never come across as pushy, as salesy, or aggressive.

Once you have your mindset focused on serving, connecting and building relationships, your systems and processes will work even better.  

There are many apps and CRM’s (customer/client relationships management) programs you can use to help with following up.  If you are just starting out or want something simple to use, consider using my spreadsheet system.

I used a very simple spreadsheet with multiple tabs for my customer contact and follow up system which I train on in the video below.

I also scheduled in time in my Direct Sales Success planner for following up with customers, leads, hosts, potential recruits and team members each week. When I schedule in a vendor or networking event, I also schedule in time the days after the event to do follow up.

Following up is part of offering great customer service & doesn’t have to be something you are afraid of, avoid or aren’t consistent at. 

If you are ready to implement easy follow up systems, overcome your fears about following up and organize your customer communication:

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Direct Sales Customer Follow Up Training Systems and Templates
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