If you are a direct sales or party plan consultant, you know that one of the most important aspects of having a successful home or online party is effective host coaching.  It is essential that you give each hostess a plan; a plan for a successful party! If your host does not know what you want them to accomplish, they won’t be able to do the things necessary for them to not only have a successful party but also to earn as much of their wishlist for free as possible.

Most direct sales companies provide some type of host party planning folder, file or document. You can always create your own party planning letter or challenge for your hosts based on your own company’s party level. (Keep reading for the link to download a free Host Challenge printable PDF from me too!)

Host Coaching Tips for Successful Home Parties (Plus a Free Printable Host Tic Tac Toe Challenge)

In my experience in direct sales, I have been able to increase my home and online party sales, bookings, recruits & attendance by encouraging my hosts to do several important activities including:

* Have 40+ names on the invitation list / invite 40+ people
* Call or hand invite as many guests as they can
* Collect $300+ in outside orders before the party
* Call and remind all the guests the day before and remind them that if they bring a friend (buying guest) and/or an outside order they will get a free gift from me or encourage them to place an outside order if they can’t attend
* Have 10-15 adult guests in attendance (home parties) For online/virtual parties I ask for at least 10 RSVP’s before I begin playing games for prizes.
* Have at least 2 datings in waiting (parties already booked before the party begins)
* Hold the party on the original date / close on the set date
* Talk to me about our Business Opportunity

Be sure to take the time to explain your current sales and host offers too. Give your hosts some key points on your big sales special and main product lines.

Remember out of that 40+ people the host invites, you will probably only get to demonstrate to 8-10 of them, so it’s helpful for your host to know product features & benefits for those who are not attending that you may not get to interact with online or in person.

Even if you are doing a home party, be sure to set up a FB event for the party. This will allow you to post product tips, ideas, video’s and play games for prizes and connect with the guests before the party. Plus you can share specials and product tips, host benefits and your business opportunity with those who may not be able to attend in person.

Below is a free printable Host Squares Challenge I’ve created that you can use that includes many of the key party planning tips I mentioned above. This is similar to the one I used for years that helped my parties be more successful both for the host & for me.

For the free gifts, I give smaller items, typically around a $2-5 value. Use the items you earn for free and that your company provides for you to help increase your business. You can also buy complimentary items from other places to use as your gifts if your company doesn’t offer smaller or lower price items.  The more squares the host achives, the more gifts or higher value of gifts I would give.  If your host accomplishes even half of these squares you’ll be guaranteed to have a very profitable show with bookings and new customers for the future too!

Free Party Host Challenge Checklist Direct Sales Network Marketing

Successful Parties begin with effective host coaching! There is only so much you can do at the actual party – the rest is up to your host & she is depending on your to coach her to succeed!  I hope you enjoy this printable and these tips help you have bigger, better parties too!

  • I received a tic-tac-toe, for my company from my sponsor, but I don’t use it because to me the expectations are too low. Yours is nicer 🙂

  • I find it helpful for the hostess to have identified to me at least one to two specific items they want to get from the purchases at their parties so that I can use it to get the guests to purchase so the hostess gets what she desires.. I make sure I communicate that to her guests often and how close she is to the goal.

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