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Ready to stop spinning wheels and wasting time in your direct sales business?

Need help creating a schedule, structure and plan to think & work like a CEO?

Wish you had ready to use checklists & templates to help you be more organized?

Want to take control of your business so you can be more productive and consistent?

The Direct Selling CEO Toolkit & Schedule Smarter Training is your answer!

Direct Sales Printable Planner Direct Sales Toolkit Direct Sales Schedule
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Imagine if you were to wake up each morning and you:

  • feel calm, confident and ready to work in your business in your organized office space...
  • know exactly what to do that day (and every day) to grow your business and get the results you want...
  •  have checklists to follow and processes in place in a toolkit that make it easy for you to follow through...
  •  look at your calendar and see a daily, weekly and monthly activity plan mapped out for achieving your goals consistently...
  • are in control of your time and balancing your life and work better...
  • enjoy working your direct sales business consistently like a CEO without having to hustle...
Direct Sales Printable Planner Toolkit

Why that isn't your reality right now...

  • Maybe you started your direct sales business with great excitement & hope but never created a success plan or road map for your business
  • You love your business and have big picture goals but have no idea what activities to do each day or week to reach those goals
  • Deep inside, you want to be productive but you find yourself continually sabotaging your progress and stuck in procrastination mode
  • Sometimes you see others growing their businesses successfully then start to doubt yourself
  • You get excited when you make some progress then struggle with being consistent and get frustrated with not being able to stick to a schedule
  • Working smarter sounds great but you can't figure out how to create systems and processes that maximize your time so you end up spinning your wheels most days

It's not entirely your fault...

All your struggles with time management, creating a schedule and implementing systems are not uncommon.

It's not even entirely your fault that your direct sales business is running you more than you are running it.

I used to have those same problems and after working with and helping thousands of others direct sellers, I realized something fundamental is missing in the training and tools available to direct sellers.

You see, most direct sellers don't ever get any serious training on
time management, 
business management or implementing systems.

Unfortunately, the focus tends to be on marketing strategies and product information.

Those strategies are essential, but knowing all the marketing techniques in the world
won't help you create the necessary skills for running your business like a CEO.

The good news is that things don't have to stay the way they are

  • even if you've never been able to stick to a schedule before or
  • you've tried other tools, apps, planners and strategies that didn't bring you results
  • or you continually sabotage your progress and get stuck in procrastination or
  • you don't feel confident enough in yourself right now to fully embrace being a CEO of your business...
Direct Sales Schedule Smarter System Toolkit Planner

because there is an easier way to organize your business!

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The Direct Selling CEO Schedule Smarter Training & Printable Direct Sales Toolkit will give you a step by step plan and processes for working your direct sales business like a CEO!

Direct Sales Schedule Smarter System Toolkit Planner

The Toolkit & Schedule Smarter Training is the solution to help you:

1. Organize

Create an all-in-one organizer customized for your business needs & planning style and get in control of your schedule with the printable toolkit

2, Systemize

Implement systems and step by step processes for key areas of your business with done for you checklists and planning tools

3. Optimize

Maximize your time and increase productivity by having an effective schedule and ready to use systems that help you work smarter

The Toolkit is a digital downloadable bundle of PDF files which allows you to create your own custom system in a 3 ring binder, ARC/ Disc/ Happy Planner or A5 size planner of your choice.

You only have to purchase the Toolkit ONCE!
The calendar pages are undated and you can print more pages and templates as often as you need them.

It is available in 7 different designs so you can choose your favorite style and color that matches your business or personality!

Blooming Faith Direct Sales Planner Toolkit Schedule System
Vintage Elegance Direct Sales Planner Toolkit Schedule System
Sunny Pineapple Direct Sales Planner Toolkit Schedule System
Chic in Pink Direct Sales Planner Toolkit Schedule System
Berry Stylish Direct Sales Planner Toolkit Schedule System
Navy Dot Delight Direct Sales Planner Toolkit Schedule System
Wild at Heart Zebra Direct Sales Planner Toolkit Schedule System

 "I had been wasting time, energy, resources and lots of money on my lack of systems for my business. This system has made a huge difference in my time management and how I plan and record for my business. The 2 hour training on the manual is invaluable! I am more organized and better able to manage my time instead of coming up with forms and ideas with the little time I have available. EVERYTHING I need is in this planner. I just find the form I'm looking for and print. Misty is always available for any questions I may have and I highly recommend this toolkit planner to anyone in the direct sales industry."

Kyla Duguay Thirty One

What pages are included in the downloadable Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a digital PDF download with over 75 different templates, worksheets, checklists and planning pages. It is separated into categories for the key areas of your business. You can pick and choose which pages to print and create a custom organizer for your business and then print more pages as you need them.

Goals Section

The Goals Section helps you define success for yourself, create your vision for your life and business, formulate an action plan to follow through with the key milestones & activities needed to achieve your goals.

 Pages included:
12 Month Goal Planner, Vision Board, My Best Life Worksheet,
 My Goals & Dreams,
Goal Planners

Schedule Section

The Schedule Section allows you be more productive by prioritizing your activities, batching your tasks, implementing theme days and tracking your progress. There are multiple layouts for the calendar pages and both Sunday and Monday starts.

Pages included:
Monthly Calendar Pages, Monthly Action Plan,  Weekly Calendar Pages, Notes Page, Daily Calendar Page

Marketing Section

The Marketing Section sets you up with a solid plan each month to ensure you are generating new leads from different avenues online and in person. You'll be able to track  new leads as well as your social media, video and blogging.

 Pages included:
Marketing Plan, Monthly Contacts, Social Media, Blog & Video Planners, Catalog Requests, Sample Requests

Customers Section

The Customer Section gives you the tools to make sure you are always building relationships and following up with your new leads, potential and repeat customers. 

Pages included:
Weekly Contact List, Follow Up List, New Customer Info,  Customer Profile, Order History, Phone Call/ Message Log, Order Tracking, Order Form, Gift Certificates, Replacements.

Parties Section

The Party Section helps you keep your calendar full, plan, manage and track your home, online & catalog parties (or whatever you call them)  coach your hosts & manage follow up afterwards.

Pages included: 
Host Connections Tracking/Checklist, Booking Calendar, Home Party Planner, Online Party Planner, Guest Info/Tracking, Party Close Out, Theme Party Planner

Vendor Events Section

Vendor Events are an easy, fun and incredible way to grow your business! This section includes pages to help you keep track of your upcoming events and make sure you have all the materials, tools, set up and info you need to have successful events.

Pages included:
Upcoming Events, Vendor Event Planner, Vendor Event Tracking. (Customer Info Pages can also be used here)

Team Building Section

The Team Building Section helps you with tracking and managing potential recruits, following up and systems to help you grow your team and onboarding new recruits to help the get off to an amazing start. 

Pages included:
Recruit Lead Follow Up, Team Member Onboarding Checklist, Future Team Member Info, New Team Member Start

Team Leadership Section

The Team Leader section empowers you to empower your team with systems, tracking, planning and tools for preparing for team training, relationship building, connections and scheduling.

Pages included:
Team Member Connections, Team Member Info, Team Meeting Planner, Team Meeting Ideas, Team Prizes Tracking, Weekly Team Training Planner


Fundraisers are another great way to market your business while giving back to your community and those in need. The Fundraiser section includes a planning page to help you with tracking your event information, strategy, totals and follow up.

Pages included:
Fundraiser Planner and you can use the Customer Info Pages can also be used here)

Business Section

As a CEO of Me, it's important we treat our businesses like businesses! This section helps you with tracking important business and financial activities, growth & information.

Pages included:
Business Information, Logins & Passwords, Business Growth Tracking/ Worksheet, Income & Expenses, Company Incentives, Mileage Log, Giveaways & Donations, Inventory

Bonus Pages
  • Blank / Fill In Main Cover & Section Cover Pages so you can add more sections or customize the main cover
  • Blank Graph page, 30 Day Tracking Pages, Month at a Glance, Weekly Theme Days, Weekly Team Meeting Ideas, Blank Weekly Pages, Daily Power Hours, 12 Month at a Glance, Daily Journal Page & more templates!
  • New Pages are added each year - with Premium Access you get access to all new designs & pages at no additional cost year after year!

View a Flip-Through of (most) every page in the Printable Toolkit Planner Up Close & Personal in the Video below:

Working with Misty & using her programs has helped me develop the mindset, structure, systems & strategies to take control of my business & step into the leader my team needs & manage my time better so I can keep my family first. My favorite thing about the programs are how everything is shown in step by step implementation plans that you can customize for your own business & style. I also love that I have so much access to Misty & the group whenever I need help or support.

Kelly Benoit Paparazzi Accessories

Step by Step training & additional support is included to help you implement the tools!

You'll receive access to training & extra support to help you with implementing and customizing the system toolkit for your business, creating a schedule and strategies to increase your productivity.

Bonus #1 - $97 value
Schedule Smarter Course

Schedule Smarter in Direct Sales Training

The Schedule Smarter Course & Workbook will teach you:

  • How to create a Weekly & Daily Activity Plan & Schedule
  • The 4 key activities every direct seller must do each week to get more results 
  • How to increase your revenue AND impact in your business without being salesy, pushy or spammy
  • How to create goals so you are more likely to achieve them
  • Strategies to set up a weekly activity plan customized for your planning personality
  • The Magic Formula for Scheduling Success in Direct Sales
  • How to be more consistent in working your business
System Set Up Training Video

Bonus #2 - $97 value
System Set Up Training

This 1 hour training video will walk you through what's included in the PDF download, how to open and access the files, how to use & get the most out of EVERY single included worksheet, how to create custom divider pages and tons of bonus planning & success tips for your direct sales business.

DSCEO Circle VIP FB Group

Bonus #3 - Priceless!
VIP Support FB Group

You'll receive an invitation to join my VIP FB Group for additional support, to ask questions, enjoy weekly activities, a monthly networking & brainstorming session, a monthly success training class with me, challenges, accountability, tools & VIP support to help you grow your direct sales business.

What others have to say about the Toolkit & Training:

Testimonial Heidi Steen

“This printable planner is the answer to my prayers. After feeling so overwhelmed with how to keep track of all the things in my business, I am so grateful to have found it. It has everything I could need in one place. The training tutorial really helps you implement the systems. If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed, you need this planner and toolkit now.”

Heidi Steen Younique

Jessica Olsen Testimonial

There is a sea of planners out there and every one just seemed to be lacking something I wanted and needed to organize my business. The Direct Sellling CEO Toolkit has EVERYTHING I needed and so many extras! It was a one stop shop for all my direct sales planning needs! 

Thank you!

Jessica Olsen Paparazzi Accessories

Celeste Eden Testimonial

“I feel much more organized and a sense of relief as the chaos is finally under control, printed out in beautiful folders. I wake up to cheerful prints and a calm organized day. Misty has made this a no-brainer. It is simple, step by step/ easy to use but most importantly it is customization. The fact you can print it for life is why I decided to purchase, and now I am so glad to have the system!

Celeste Eden The Self-Care Planner Girl

Shannon Potter Testimonial

“The Toolkit & Training was a great investment. It is a lifetime purchase and can be used way beyond my direct sales biz. I love that it’s fully customizable and I can only print the pages I need. I think a huge benefit of the Toolkit is the hour long video Misty put together to teach you how to get the most use out of your planner. On top of that there’s a bonus video on how to be more productive in your business. I highly recommend the Toolkit for anyone who is looking to take full control over their biz.” 

Shannon Potter AVON

Wasted Time = Wasted Profits & Missed Opportunities

Direct Sales Schedule Smarter System Toolkit Planner

When you don't have an efficient schedule and systems in place, you'll end up spending more time putting out fires and being a last minute, stressed out, Lucy Goosey than the CEO that you deserve to be.

Worse than that, you'll end up sacrificing time you could be spending with your family, friends & the things you enjoy doing the most!

You may not be in business just for the money, but why waste the opportunities, income & incentives that could help you achieve your bigger goals in life?

When you have a plan, checklists, systems and processes in place, you can get results faster and free up more time for what matters the most to you! (That is what being successful really means!)

It's time to make your business work for you, not the other way around!

Ready to increase your productivity, consistency & results?

The Direct Sales Toolkit & Schedule Smarter Training
with all the checklists, templates, training, tools & bonuses 
the VIP FB Group access is yours for not $197 and not even $97

as little as a one time payment of only $27 right now

(Regular price $37, save $10 when you buy now!)

*digital downloadable PDF 's and online course access, this is not a physical product

If you can't decide which design is your favorite, you can get Premium Access to ALL 7 current designs and ALL future designs for a one-time special price of $97 (one time payment) plus a bonus template bundle!

How the Printable Toolkit & Training works:

Direct Sales Schedule Smarter System Toolkit Planner
  • The Toolkit is a digital download that includes PDF files with 75+ checklists, worksheets, templates and planning pages for 10 key areas in direct sales for you to print yourself and create your own systems. This is not a physical product, you won't receive anything in the mail.
  • You can purchase a single design of your choice of Direct Sales Toolkit OR get Premium Access to all current & future designs plus a bonus free gift!
  • You'll get access to my Schedule Smarter in Direct Sales Course & Planning Workbook to help you create an effective and efficient daily, weekly and monthly schedule
  • The printable files in the Toolkit is not specific to any one direct sales business or company, so it can be easily customized for your business and your needs
  • This is more than a simple calendar, day planner or print all, one & done, once a year type planner. It's a toolkit with a bundle of worksheets, checklists and templates for organizing your direct sales business
  • The Toolkit files are separated into 10 categories for key areas in your business. You can put this together in a 3 ring binder, ARC/Disc or A5 planner. We personally recommend a 3 ring binder.
  • You can customize the Toolkit by choosing to print only the sections and pages that you need for your own business and then print more pages as needed.
  • The Toolkit includes planning pages, worksheets & checklists for: Goals, Schedule, Customers, Parties, Marketing,  Events, Fundraisers, Team Building, Leadership, Business Management & Training
  • There are additional monthly, weekly & daily calendar pages, planning templates, checklists and sheets you can customize for additional areas, activities and tracking in your business as needed
  • You only have to purchase the system ONE time, since it is a digital download and the pages are undated you can re-use and print more pages as often as you need year after year!

The magic of the Direct Sales Toolkit is how it helps you create a custom schedule & systems for your business so you can stay organized and work smarter!

More feedback from Direct Sales Toolkit users:

I am in love with my planner! I can print the pages I need, arrange them in my ARC planner in just the way that makes the most sense to me and it keeps me on track. I would suggest this system to anyone that needs help keeping track of business and personal life! 

Brandi Vermillion Pink Zebra

This system helps me stay organized because I can print & arrange it according to my needs. My wine tasting events are more fun because I can keep track of what themes I have used, wines & pairings we have tasted and what really worked to make my tastings super fun.

I have actually increased my bookings because I can make my tastings completely different every time & have all my repeat guests & hostesses (there are MANY MANY repeat guests & hostesses) "wowed" every time!

I am so happy I found CEO of Me & this planner!!!

Laurie J. Travelling Vineyard

I purchased this planner after a long and tiring journey of failed planners. This was exactly what I was looking for to help me with my success. I am so much more efficient and know exactly where orders are and what my clients want. My business activities are now clear and easy to take action on. Thank you so much!

Anne N. Tupperware

My CEO of Me planner has changed the way I operate my business daily. I feel so organized and I love it! I don't have all those sticky notes everywhere now because there is a section for every aspect of my business. Thank You Misty for creating such an awesome tool.

Kristen Heiman Simply Said

Misty's planner has so many different options, she made it easy to set up my planner to work in exactly the way I like to work.

The pages have been laid out thoughtfully, and have really guided me towards running my business more like an actual business rather than just a hobby.

Since using this planner, along with the wonderful training in the bonus videos and the FB group, I and am already noticing my mindset as a business owner and my productivity improving. Thank you Misty!

Debbie Dixon Scentsy

This planner is a MUST HAVE for the entrepreneur who wants to focus, set goals and priorities and get their business to the next level. This planner allowed me to get excited about my business success a year in advance as I worked on ideas by the month, the week and every day. Worth more than the investment.

Louise C LC Naturals

Hi! I'm Misty Kearns, creator of the Direct Sales Toolkit & Systems

I'm a Coach & Business Mentor, an introvert, systems geek & obsessive fan of The Office. 

I started in direct sales originally as a kitnapper, never thinking it would become a life-changing career that would open so many doors for me. I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I first started and most of the training I was given access to was about marketing and products and team building.

I quickly found myself overwhelmed and stressed out with trying to track, manage, follow through and organize my business. Then as I began leading a team, I realized they were having the same struggles with time management and a lack of processes. 

Misty Dawn Kearns, Direct Selling CEO

I needed something to help me get organized and implement systems for the key areas of my busy business so I could stay on track, work smarter & be more productive. 

I looked for a solution but when I couldn't find anything specific for direct sellers, I decided to create something for myself. The first version of the CEO of Me® printable direct sales success system toolkit & business planner was created over 10 years ago.

In 2016, I began coaching and mentoring other direct sellers to help them step into the role of a CEO of Me® in their own life & business through improving their mindset, productivity, marketing and systems and sharing my Direct Sales Success System as a non-company specific toolkit that any direct seller can customize and use for their business.

Since then, over 3,800 direct sellers have purchased the CEO of Me printable toolkit to get organized, implement systems & optimize their businesses.

In 2019, I saw another big problem related to time management that direct sellers struggle with - actually creating and sticking to a schedule.

That's why I added my Schedule Smarter in Direct Sales training & step-by-step strategy to the Success System package so you can have ALL the steps and tools to create an efficient schedule, systems and processes for running your business like a CEO! 

Best of all, I didn't even raise the price of the product even though the value doubled!

I know how frustrating it can be to manage a growing business, keep everything organized and control your time.

I also know that when you have a plan, step by step checklists, systems and processes in place in your business that it's easier to show up and do what you need to each day to get the results you want!

The templates & training with my system will help you get in control of your schedule & feel more confident in growing your business.

There are tons of apps, tools & programs for task management & business organization BUT those tools are not set up to help with many of the direct sales specific activities.

AND.... there are some of us who love paper, pens, stickers, written planning, checklists and worksheets more than the digital options too.

Several studies have been completed that prove the people who write down their goals & tasks and use checklists are up to 75% more productive & more likely to get results!

You don't have to keep trying to figure it out on your own. I've done the work and am happy to provide these tools and strategies to make growing your business easier for you starting today!

Now you'll be able to schedule smarter AND be organized & efficient so you can confidently grow your business like a CEO!

Direct Sales Schedule Smarter System Toolkit Planner

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is this a physical product I will receive in the mail or digital download? How will I access it?

Question: I already have a calendar planner that I love, how is this different?

Question: What size are the pages? Is this set up to be printed for smaller planners like Disc bound, ARC, Happy Planners or A5/A4 size planners? 

Question: Will I have to purchase the toolkit planner again each year or be charged again for it?

Question: I don't really do parties for my business, will this toolkit & the systems still help me? 

Question: What if I already purchased a previous version of your toolkit/planner? Do I get access to the new version?

Question: Can I buy this and then share the files with my team or other direct sellers?

Question: Can I have the toolkit printed at Office Depot or other stores or somewhere online?

Ready to organize, systemize & optimize your business?

Grab your Printable Toolkit & Training now!

Buy now & get a single design & all the bonuses for $27
OR get ALL current & future designs for only $97!

Direct Sales Printable Planner Direct Sales Toolkit Direct Sales Schedule

Training & Single Design
of your choice

Reg. Price $37, Save $10!



  • Digital PDF Download of the Toolkit Files + Online Access to the Training & Bonuses
  • Choose your preferred design
  • Continued Access to the files of that design to use year after year!
  • All 75+ Worksheets, Templates, Checklists & Planning Pages (digital PDF download)
  • BONUS #1: Schedule Smarter Course & Workbook ($97 value!)
  • BONUS #2: 1 Hour Systems Set Up Video Walking you through each page, file and how to set up your system ($97 value!)
  • BONUS #3: Success Circle Private VIP FB Group invitation for extra support & training (Priceless!)

All sales final. No refunds. This is digital product & meant for personal use only. This is NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT, you will not receive anything in the mail.   It is a digital download of files.  You will receive an email with the link to access to the download links & Training Videos after completing your purchase. By purchasing you agree to our terms.  For help, support or additional questions, email


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