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How to LEAP into your Direct Sales Business

Leap years may only come every 4 years, but there’s no reason to wait another day, week, month or 4 years to take a leap towards your dreams & goals! Here’s how to take a LEAP: L – let go of fears, procrastination and excusesE – embrace better mindsets, beliefs and habits,A – (be) authentic […]

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How to plan for success each week in your direct sales business

One productivity habit that has made a big difference in my life & business is doing a weekly review & prep. On Sundays, I review my previous week to see what went well, where I struggled, celebrate the progress made, determine what I need to prioritize for the upcoming week & draft my weekly schedule. 📝 Here’s […]

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How to be more confident as a direct seller or network marketer

I used to think that confidence was something that you either have or don’t have. And that I wasn’t one of those people who had it. What I have learned though is that confidence is something you can develop. Having confidence is key for being successful in building your direct sales business. Have you ever […]

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Direct Sales Time Management Tips

If we want to achieve our goals and enjoy more life and less hustle, we don’t need more time. What we need to do is to manage our time and priorities better. Here are a few direct sales time management tips to help you work smarter. Only say yes to the best & to things […]

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Launch Giveaway

I am so excited to officially launch Direct Selling CEO! I am beyond grateful for all the support shown to me over the past 4 years with CEO of Me. This new sister site & brand will allow me to better serve & support my direct sales community. Update! The launch giveaway has ended and […]

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