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You are safe, loved, respected, valued & included

I shared the following (along with other thoughts) in my customer vip group a few days and it needs to be said on my other platforms too. <3 I realize that I have not said enough or done enough to make sure my stance on anti-racism and inclusivity was known, nor have I done enough […]

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Spring Direct Sales Business Building Ideas + Free Printable

Looking for ideas to build your direct sales business during April and May or the Spring season without leaving your house? Wondering what you can do to boost your business online during the next couple months? I’ve made it easy for you to take action with a training & printable that includes 30+ Ideas to […]

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How to pivot and thrive in direct sales

Things are a little scary in the world right now & there is a lot of uncertainty. I’ve thought a lot and talked with other entrepreneurial friends about how this may affect our businesses and what we should do as leaders & influencers. I keep coming back to one of my main reasons for having […]

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5 Essential Team Building Strategies for Direct Sellers

Have you been wondering how to get started building a team in direct sales or what systems you need to have in place to make team building easier for you and help your team members get off to a successful start? Watch the video below to learn team building tips for direct sellers and 5 […]

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