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Why motivation doesn’t work & what to focus on instead

The beginning of a new year is always exciting from setting new goals, creating a vision board, going through a goal planning challenge to feeling like it’s a fresh start and having hope again for the future… Oftentimes, that excitement starts to fade in about 2 weeks and we hit what I call “the mid-January […]

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How to find and attract more customers to your direct sales business

When I joined my direct sales biz, I remember being told to write a list of 100 people & to share my business with “F.R.A.N.K.”. (friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, your kid’s friends parents). Were you ever told that too? Or to share with anyone & everyone who breathes (or eats, cooks, wears makeup, jewelry, etc… The […]

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Do more of what matters most to reach your goals

Do you ever find yourself working, working, working but not seeming to make much progress towards your goals? 🤷 I did that for a lot of years until I learned how to focus more on the actual activities that moved my business forward & that I enjoyed the most instead of every little idea and avenue available. […]

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You are safe, loved, respected, valued & included

I shared the following (along with other thoughts) in my customer vip group a few days and it needs to be said on my other platforms too. <3 I realize that I have not said enough or done enough to make sure my stance on anti-racism and inclusivity was known, nor have I done enough […]

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