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Direct Selling friend, does this sound like you?

  • You are ready to step things up & experience more joy in your life & business.
  • You are seeking more balance & organization for all the tasks and responsibilities of your business (and life).
  • You want to learn how to create simple, effective systems that save you time and give you more results.
  • You believe that your life & business has a bigger purpose but are struggling to find the confidence & clarity to reach it.
  • You wish you had more time in the day to do everything you need to do & also enjoy life's moments more.
  • You are tired of burning your candle at both ends & feeling like you have to be 24/7 to run a successful business.
  • You would love to have a step by step plan for working your business, balancing your life and reaching your goals.
  • You feel like one of the biggest obstacles to your success is a lack of consistency & are ready to change that.
  • You would love to have support, accountability & encouragement as you work to create a plan for your best life.

If you are saying YESSS!!!, then the CEO of Me Best Life & Biz Course & Workbook is here to help you shift your life & business to one that is thriving, confident & organized!

The training, tools, strategies & worksheets with this 5 part course & workbook will help you get clarity on what's working, what's missing & what is truly your definition of success and the best life & business you want. 

Through the training & tools, you will be able to create a simple plan to help you take the next best step forward in your life & business while helping you create a solid plan for the rest of this year & beyond!

Misty Kearns, Coach & Business Mentor, Founder of CEO of Me

As a former top leader in the Direct Sales industry & now successful entrepreneur & Coach, I help entrepreneurs step into their most confident & authentic self, increase their productivity & consistency & become heart-centered marketers so they can step into the role of a CEO of Me & create their best life & business!

I'm excited to share this powerful training and workbook full of strategies, systems, thought provoking questions, planning pages and action steps to help YOU create a plan for your best life & business & give you strategies to create it!

Here's what you'll learn from the the CEO of Me Best Life & Biz Course & Challenge:

  • PART 1: MINDSET & CONFIDENCE - How to Step into the Role of CEO in your Life & Business, How to Discover your Strengths & How to Overcome Your Fears, Procrastination, Excuses & Self-Sabotages so you can take courageous action & improve your confidence & self-worth
  • PART 2: MONEY & FINANCES - Overcoming Blocks that might be keeping you from achieving your  goals, How to Create a Spending Plan (aka Budget), Managing your Finances like a Boss
  • PART 3: MARKETING, BRANDING, VISIBILITY & CONTENT PLANNING - How to Tap into Your "Awesomesauce "so you can be an authentic Marketer & Attract your ideal clients,  Creating a Content Plan for your Business that brings leads, referrals & repeat business
  • PART 4: GOAL PLANNING -  Getting clear on your Goals, How to set Goals that reflect YOUR definition of Success , Creating your Best Life & Business Mission, Vision & Top Goals
  • PART 5: PRODUCTIVITY, TIME MANAGEMENT & CREATING YOUR 2019 SUCCESS PLAN - How to create a Success Plan & Vision that is actually achievable & How to Break Your Goals Down into Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Action Steps, How to be more Proactive & Productive, How to Create Your Best Life & Biz's Schedule that allows you to get more done in less time & experience more ease & flow in your life & business

You'll also receive the Download of the CEO of Me Best Life & Business Planning Workbook ($47 value)

This  70 page printable workbook includes thought provoking questions to guide you through setting priorities, overcoming blocks, creating your business vision & forming actionable goals plus planning worksheets and templates for your business.

CEO of Me Best Life and Business Planning Course and Workbook

What others have to say about how the Best Life & Biz Training & Workbook has helped them gain clarity, confidence & grow their business:

"Going through the training and the workbook has helped give me a better focus for this year and be more aligned with my priorities. I feel much more confident about moving forward in my business and I have seen many positive results from using what I learned in my everyday life to create a better schedule and get more done."

"I've learned how our personal lives and our mindset affects what we do in our business. I never realized how so many of my fears were simply old stories from my past that were affecting my confidence in sharing my business. I feel so much more confident now after learning more about how to share my business, how to connect with my goals and simply be my best self."

"I actually have a step by step plan for working my business now that I feel I can easily follow and achieve my goals. I feel more excited about my business than ever before. Thank you for this course & challenge!"

The bonus workbook is GOLD, pure gold! I have been through a lot of business training but this is the only one that really connects all the dots and helps you see and understand what your struggles and your strengths are and how to overcome what is holding you back so you can truly step into your best self. I am encouraging everyone on my team to take this course and do the workbook because I know it will change everything for them too."

"I wanted to reach out & let you know that I absolutely LOVE your coaching style and how authentic you are. You have helped me really see what is important in my life and how I can work my business around that and still be successful without being overworked or overwhelmed. This course was so easy to work though and the planning pages in the workbook are helping me take what I have learned and actually put it into practice in my life and my business."

"I loved the questions (in the workbook). As you fill them out you know what you're doing and why you're answering them, but then all of a sudden it all comes together and that was amazing for me."

I am totally blown away from the training and workbook you have provided in this program. It has opened my eyes up to so many areas that I am now working on overcoming and developing better habits and thought processes on. I am more pumped for the future than ever and cannot wait to put my goals into action. I especially love the monthly goal breakdown worksheets. Thank you so much for offering this!"

"I don't know how your training post ended up in my Facebook news feed but I am SO glad it did! This training has totally changed how I think about my business and helped me realize what success and happiness really mean to me. I feel like I can take the plans I have made through this challenge and actually achieve them. Thank you so much for offering all of this!"

Why you can trust that my training & strategies are authentic & effective:

I'm Misty Kearns, an introverted, creative, small town girl from North Carolina who went from fired & broke to successful entrepreneur & CEO of Me®.  My mission is to encourage & empower other female entrepreneurs to step into the role of a CEO of Me® in their own life & business so they can enjoy a more confident & fulfilling life.

I started my direct sales journey in 2006 joining just for the discount with no intention of building a business. I did not think I could be successful in sales much less as a leader. I am an introvert from a small town & at that time in my life I had no self confidence. I really thought I would just be a happy "kitnapper" and enjoy getting my products at a discount for a while.

Three months later I lost my full time job.  I was single, 25 years old living on my own with no money in savings. I quickly piled up massive debt using credit cards to pay bills and fell into a depression. I knew I wanted more for my life but had no idea direct sales could open up the door to so many possibilities.

I decided to dive into the business & give it a try until I figured out what I was going to do. I realized that direct sales was a great fit for me & I was able to replace my full time income in less than 6 months! This began my journey to being the CEO of Me®. I have worked from home full-time as a single female and enjoyed life on my terms ever since.

Misty Kearns CEO of Me DS Career Pics

I quickly moved up the ranks in my company & consistently placed in the Top 20 Directors for my Region & in the US. I was, at the time, the youngest person to earn a free convertible in the company's growth program. I enjoyed multiple incentive trips and regular recognition for my team recruiting & team sales. 

I started a blog named CEO of Me® in 2011 to share what I was learning with others. This led me to creating a great community and having others asking me to coach and train them as well as sell some of my printable tools I had created for myself & my team.  At the end of 2015 I left my direct sales career to become a full-time Coach & Mentor. 

Since then I've helped thousands of direct sellers work smarter through my printable tools, training and coaching. My training and products are focused on helping you improve your confidence, implement systems so you can work smarter and authentically marketing methods so you can attract more of the right people in less time! 

When you invest in my Best Life you will get access to a course that is focused on helping you develop the mindset, skills, strategies and systems to be able to increase your confidence, overcome your fears & excuses, create a schedule that helps you be more productive and work smarter, define your marketing strategy and create a success plan for achieving your business and personal goals.

The course has pre-recorded videos (captions are also included) that are available for you to watch at your convenience. You have lifetime access so you can revisit the course at anytime.

You'll also receive access to my Best Life & Business Planning Workbook which has over 70 pages of deep diving questions, worksheets, templates, planning pages and frameworks to help you clarify your goals & plans & implement the training. 

Go ahead and invest in the Best  Life & Business Planning Course now so you can plan for & create your Best Life & Business!

CEO of Me Best Life and Business Planning Course and Workbook

It's time to create YOUR Best Life & Business!
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