I am happy to offer an affiliate / referral program should you want to recommend my products and programs to others.

Here’s how it works:
1. Watch the video Tutorial below for how to Sign Up & Create  Your Account & Get Your Links First.
2. Sign up to be added as an affiliate/referrer here
3. Check your inbox for verification and watch the video below and complete all the steps to verify your account, connect to Paypal for Payouts & get your links.
4. Start sharing your link, images & referring others and make commission when they purchase through your link!




How much $ can you make?
I offer up to 25% commission / referral fee on purchases made through your link for my public programs and products. NOTE: Not all of my programs offer affiliate commission. Bundle / Package Products only offer a flat fee based on the product and not a full 25% commission. Some special offers, one time limited offers and add to cart discount offers are not eligible for affiliate sales or commission.

How & when are payments made?

Payments are sent via Paypal 30 days after the purchase is made. Our affiliate program Thrivecart automatically sends payments 30 days after, which means you may receive several smaller payments from us at different days of the month.

Affiliates must ensure their Paypal email is connected in Thrivecart or payments cannot be made. It is up to the affiliate to ensure their payment information is up to date.

Where do you sign in and get your links/banners and track your stats once you’ve been approved?

Login at thrivecart.com

What other important info do you need to know?

You can be an affiliate in any country, even though CEO of Me is based in the USA, we accept affiliates worldwide.

All product prices and affiliate payouts are made in USD (US Dollars).

Affiliate commission does not apply to and will not be given for group discounted rates for courses, products or programs, for private speaking engagements or workshops (online or in person), for 1 on 1 coaching packages or Business Strategy Sessions.

Not all of my programs offer affiliate commission. Bundle / Package Products only offer a flat fee based on the product and not a 25% commission. Some special offers, one time limited offers, add to cart discount offers are not eligible for affiliate sales or commission.

Affiliates need to be current on all payments to CEO of Me, LLC on all products, programs and services in order to be eligible to receive affiliate commission.

Commissions can not be made on products purchased with one’s own affiliate link, meaning you are not allowed to earn commissions on your own purchases through your own affiliate link through your registered email or a secondary email.

If we find out you made a purchase through your affiliate link by using a different email to try to skirt this policy, we will not payout the commission and  close your account.

CEO of Me, LLC reserves the right to deny affiliate acceptance and commission if we find out our affiliates are misrepresenting our brand in any way or purchasing products under other names & emails to earn commission on their own purchases or any other negative type of action or activity.

Affiliates may be required to provide their Social Security Number for tax purposes if their payout meets the IRS’ threshold for income reporting the year.

Occasionally, CEO of Me, LLC may have to issue refunds on purchases. If one of your affiliate sales is affected by this, the amount will be deducted from your commission.

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate your supporting me & my business! I would be more than happy to say it in dollar bills (technically Paypal payments) too!

    • Hi Julie! Yes absolutely. 🙂 As long as you have a paypal account to receive the funds at you can be an affiliate anywhere. Payments are made in USD and paypal will convert to whatever your currency is at the current conversion rate. Thanks so much!

  • How and where are people sharing their affiliate links? On a website they own or on social media like facebook and instagram and pinterest?

    • Hi Tammi! You can share it on your own website, social media, email – anywhere online to friends, team members, others who may be interested. 🙂

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