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About Misty

Misty Dawn Kearns, Direct Selling CEO

I'm Misty Kearns, an introverted, creative, small town girl from North Carolina who went from fired & broke to successful entrepreneur & CEO of Me®.  My mission is to encourage & empower other female entrepreneurs to step into the role of a CEO of Me® in their own life & business so they can enjoy a more confident & fulfilling life.

I started my journey in Direct Sales initially for the discount and planned to only be a kitnapper. However, I was fired from my job 3 months later and my plans changed. Even tough I did not have a lot of self-confidence, I knew I did not want to go back to the corporate world. I decided to give the direct sales business a try for a while until If figured out what I wanted to do with my life.

I quickly found out I loved direct sales, helping others, using my creative skills in my marketing & as a team leader. Within less than 6 months I had replaced my previous full-time income. I earned the keys & title to my own convertible 18 months later and  was named #17 for my leader level for the US & Canada a year after that!

I never thought my direct sales business would turn into a full time income in just a few months time. I had no idea that companies would give you free trips, free cars, recognition & products all while paying you to party and help others start their own business. I never dreamed it would give me the confidence to do so many things I had been terrified of before. I had no idea how many amazing people, connections, friendships, fun and memories it would give me. I would have never expected all the doors that would open and opportunities that would present themselves to me because of being a home & online based business owner.

You see it's not really about how much money you make, how many prizes you earn, how many accolades and how much recognition you receive. The real reward of owning your own home or online based small business is how you can use all of those benefits to help you achieve the bigger goals and dreams you have for your life (& your family) and how it allows you to let your light shine so you can positively impact the lives of others in the world.

Misty Kearns CEO of Me DS Career Pics

I started a blog named CEO of Me® in 2011 to share what I was learning on my journey with others. This led me to creating a great community online. Others direct sellers and leaders began asking me to coach and train them and for me to sell my printable Success System. (This is a tool I originally created for myself & my team).  At the end of 2015 I felt led to leave my direct sales career to become a full-time Coach & Mentor. 

I became a Certified High Performance Coach in 2016.  I offer coaching, products and programs that help entrepreneurs improve your confidence, productivity & marketing so they can create authentic success through my main website - CEO of Me®. I created Direct Selling CEO™ to offer training that is specific and focused on direct selling success.  I have been blessed to help thousands of direct sellers shift from struggling and fearful to confident and thriving in their lives and businesses.

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My strategies and systems are focused on helping you become more confident, productive & consistent in working your business. I believe in creating authentic success by staying true your unique personality & aligned with your personal definition of success.

CEO of Me & Direct Selling CEO and myself, personally, are committed to providing training, tools, programs and a community and environment that is inclusive, diverse, welcoming and safe for all persons, customers, members, clients & employees of all races, religions, sexual orientations, genders and abilities. I believe everyone should have the tools, resources and support necessary to thrive in their lives and businesses.

Being a CEO of Me® is about more than building a successful business.  Being a CEO of Me® is about defining success for yourself and proactively creating your best life & business every day. That is what creates authentic success & happiness.

If you want to step into your most confident self, stop the hustle and chaos and start enjoying your best life & business, then you are right where you belong! I would love to help you become a Direct Selling CEO too. 

Access my FREE training, Power Up Your Productivity in Direct Sales here and my products & courses here.

I look forward to supporting and celebrating your success! If you have any questions or need support please email hello@directsellingceo.com For technical, billing or account support please email support@ceoof.me

Misty Dawn Kearns
Certified Coach & Business Mentor
Founder of CEO of Me® & Direct Selling CEO™

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