After having been successfully involved in direct sales and the home party plan business for many years, I am often asked how I have been able to keep my home party business alive and thriving all that time. Several years ago during a direct sales training I put together an acronym with 5 actions you should take each week to ensure you create a successful direct sales business. I call it 5 Alive & Thrive!

These five steps and principles will help you be more successful in your direct sales or home party plan business. They will also help you see consistent results and consistent income from your business.

5 weekly actions that will keep your direct sales or home party plan business alive & thriving!

Here are the 5 actions you can take each week to keep your direct sales business alive and thriving!

–A – Ask @ least 10 new people to host a party! (@ a party, or via dating calls, customer care calls, out & about, invite them to your team meetings & events)

–L – Look for new places to leave business cards, hang up fliers, place lead generation boxes, set up for vendor events… Market your business everywhere! Leave a paper trail (but don’t litter).

–I – Invite @ least 10 new people to join your team! (@ a party, or via recruiting calls, customer care calls, out & about, invite them to your company’s opportunity events & webinars)

–V – Visit with your success line! Contact your upline / manager / director for a weekly encouragement, accountability & goal setting session!

–E – Educate & empower yourself by attending any team, company or related direct sales success meetings or training calls or webinars being held each week or listen / watch recordings from past team, company or other direct sales training calls or webinars. Also read books and newsletters from business, direct sales and success coaches.

Remember, direct sales is all about marketing and connecting with customers and potential customers, hosts and team recruits. You will always get back exactly what you put into your business. If you want to see bigger, better and more consistent results, then talk to more people and work on a consistent basis. Your success is up to you!

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  • Loved your post. All very useful tips. I know this doesn’t fit into your acronym, but I have one more. Return your phone calls, Call your lead immediately. I believe this is crucial. I feel that there is little that impresses more than a potential prospect getting call minutes after they have filled out a contact form. Configure your contact forms to go to your phone (text message). As personal experience, when I started our adult toy business I filled out 3 forms. 1 consultant called me within the hour and she is now my upline. The other 2 called me days later and they lost the lead, me.

  • I absolutely love your website. Its so informative. I am new to the direct sales industry but I’m excited about growing a business and working from home for MYSELF! I know it can be done I just praying and asking God to continue to guide me. Thanks for all this wonderful info.

    • Hi Ronica! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I wish you lots of success in your business. I know firsthand that if you work hard you can make it a fulltime and thriving business!

  • Great post again Misty. I am not stalking (I promise) but your site is so full of valuable information. I definitely keep up with team calls each week and I have recently jumpstarted my customer acquisition plan. I like the idea about leaving a paper trail. I am determined to make this business work ! Thanks again.

  • Thank you for your website. I just found it on Pinterest and I am excited to see what information I can find. I have only started my business in August and I already have a team of 7 below me. I would love any help with building my team and coaching my existing team. Thank you!

    • Hi Shauna, thanks so much for your kind words! I will have lots more great content, training and products launching in 2015. I look forward to helping you & many others be able to find great success in their own direct sales businesses too!

  • I loved your post! I am curious though.. I am about one month into the direct sales business.. I jumped in knowing nothing and not having much advise. I am lost on finding hostesses and recruits. I have asked everyone on my friends list, posted in every group I m a part of, posted on Instagram and Pinterest. I have had one recruit and one party in one month. I need help. Everyone says ask ask ask but I do and I still keep getting told no or not now.

    • Hi Krista, thanks so much for the comment! Congrats on starting your own direct sales business. I had the same struggles when I was starting out. I did not know many people or have a big amount of friends and family. Truthfully you cannot build a successful business with just friends and family though. Ask for referrals, look for vendor events you can set up at to market your business, attend or join some local (and online) small business networking groups. (Be careful with the online ones though, some of them are just nothing but ads and spamming, no real networking goes on in them.) Also think of local businesses or groups who might could use your products or services. If your company offers a fundraising program or maybe you can offer a fundraiser and donate some of your commission, those are also great ways to get your name out to a lot of people and help your community too. Vendor events were really what helped me grow my business though so be sure to check out my post about vendor events here:

      Wishing you much success!

  • Great content. With the course there so much info that often overload. Do you have the option to download and read. I just get far to over whelmed by courses. thanks Leanne

    • Hi Leanne, thank you. Most all of my courses include the written transcript from the videos, yes. I also prefer to read rather than watch videos, it’s how I learn best and I want to make sure all my content accommodates everyone possible. A few of my courses only have captions for the videos, not transcripts. I am working on updating pretty much everything right now though and everything will have captions, transcripts and where applicable MP3 audio downloads too.

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