It can be scary to put yourself out there and in front of an unknown number of people, especially on social media. The success of your business depends on you being visible and sharing what you have to offer. Remember you are not marketing, you are not selling. You are simply sharing information, showcasing who you are and the solutions and services you offer and letting others decide if it’s right for them. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or let the fear get to you. Show up, share value and focus on connecting authentically.

5 steps to stop being afraid of being visible in your business

Here are 5 Simple tips to help being visible in your business not be so scary:

Step into your most confident self. I’m not saying fake it until you make it because I don’t believe in being fake. I’m simply suggesting that you think about what your most confident self would do and how they would handle it and you then begin working on your mindset to become that person & that will help build your confidence so it will become easier and easier to be visible.

Practice, prepare & use notes. Write out an outline of what you want to say, practice saying it until you get comfortable and then prepare yourself mentally with affirmations, mantras, EFT, pump me up music, whatever you need to get your energy where it needs to be.

Focus on the other person/people. Focus on sharing solid info, helpful ideas, serving them, providing them with a blessing, a solution, a moment of encouragement. Goodness knows we all need more encouragement. When you stop worrying so much about yourself and start focusing on serving other people you’ll be amazed how much easier it gets to be visible

Be a dork. For real, be a dork, be messy, be a mess, be yourself, be authentic. Don’t worry about looking, sounding perfect or getting everything right. Do your BEST!

Start small but start now. If live videos scare the living daylights out of you, then start with some longer written posts and pictures of yourself. Then do some recorded videos since you can practice more & edit them, then move up to live videos. If making follow up calls scares you, don’t try to do 30 or 40 all at once and put yourself in a state of panic. Do 5 calls a day or set a timer for 15 minutes and make calls until it goes off. Just take some positive action even if it’s small.

It’s okay to be afraid of being visible, it’s normal in fact. But don’t let your fear of doing videos or sharing pictures of your life keep you from doing other things that grow your business. Do what you can and keep getting more and more out of your comfort zone little by little. Baby steps are still progress.

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