With November being Thanksgiving month in the USA, it is a great time to reflect on what you are grateful for. You will see many people take part in a 30 days of thankfulness challenge on their social media. Each day they post something they are thankful for. Having an attitude of gratitude can change how you look at things, how you act and react and shift your focus to being more positive.

As a direct seller, one of the most important areas we can focus on in our business is customer service. “Service” being the key word. A great way to serve your customers, hosts, team members and other direct sellers is to show gratitude to them.

I had an idea to create a 30 Days of Thankfulness for Direct Sellers challenge for this month. I bet if you follow this challenge you will see a big change in your business! Gratitude always opens the door for even more abundance.

Your customers, hosts, team members and supportive family & friends will see just how much you appreciate them.  Everyone needs a kind word and loves to be shown appreciation. You will realize just how much your business means to you and how many people you have to be thankful for that have supported your business.

This month I challenge you to go through this daily challenge. You can send a hand written note, a message or text, a random act of kindness (RAK), a small gift in the mail, make a donation to a charity of your choice (or that supports the person you are thankful for), send a gift certificate for a cupcake, cup of coffee from a local business, something handmade, anything at all that says and shows your thankfulness to the person on the list.  It can be as simple as a hand written note thanking them for supporting your business, giving a word of encouragement or a compliment about them.

If you are catching this challenge after November 1, just go back and do any days you miss.  You might even want to take this challenge every day of the year after you go through it!

Be sure to share this with your direct sales friends & team members too! Please share the blog post link & give me credit for creating this, I very much appreciate it! 🙂  Let’s start a movement of direct sellers who are focused on serving not just selling!

30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge for Direct Sellers Printable

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