Should you represent & recruit for more than 1 direct sales or party plan business? I get asked this question a lot. I see many people who promote multiple companies. We each have to find the answer for ourselves and decide what is best for our lives and businesses. However, I do think there are three important things you need to consider which I share about in this short video below.

3 Things to Consider before joining and recruiting for more than one Direct Sales, Party Plan or Network Marketing Business

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  • Hello, I really enjoyed your article and would like your input on a question I have. I am already a consultant for a Direct Sales company and was thinking of joining another one. With Company A I love their products and would love to invest all my time in creating a downline, ads and so forth. The reason I want to join Company B is for personal use and to mainly sell to some family and close friends. I really have no desire to build or recruit with Company B. Do you still think it would be a bad idea or send out the wrong message about Company A if I also sold products from Company B?

    • Hi Crystal! Thanks for the comment, my apologies for the delay in responding, I’m currently travelling and wifi has been not so good. I think it’s ok to join a 2nd one for the discount / friends / family, I know many direct sellers are in 1 main and 1 for the discount, like I said in the video just consider the pros and cons and follow your heart. 🙂

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