Annual Planning Training for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers

Are you ready to create a plan for the year ahead that will bring you more joy, confidence, ease and growth in your life & direct sales business?

If so, the training in my Annual Planning Challenge

will help you review & release 2020 & move forward in 2021 filled with hope, the right mindset, plans & strategies to achieve your goals.

Annual  Goal Planning Challenge and Workbook for Direct Sellers

The live challenge ended January 8th, but you can purchase unlimited access to the training videos, workbook & bonus Q & A replay plus get access to my exclusive VIP customer only FB group too for a special price of only $21 usd!

Need more info? Get all the details below.

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Even though things might

not be back to business as usual in 2021 
(or maybe longer), 

we still have SO many opportunities to grow our businesses, create new habits, enjoy our lives & reach our goals in the new year!

Go through my annual planning challenge to:

  • review what you accomplished & where you struggled in 2020 so you can know what to work on in 2021
  • release all the negativity, doubts, frustrations and disappointments of 2020 so you can start fresh next year
  • get clear on your definition of success, your priorities and your vision for 2021 for your life & business
  • create your yearly, quarterly and monthly goals and key milestones
  • learn how to break your goals into a weekly action plan to be more consistent
  • improve your habits, organization skills and decision making
  • prepare your mindset and get inspired to show up as your best self
  • learn simple strategies overcome fears, struggles, obstacles, procrastination and excuses that might get in your way
  • move forward through all of 2021 full of dreams, confidence, motivation and momentum! 
Misty Dawn Kearns, CEO of Me & Direct Selling CEO

Hey friend, it's Misty Kearns, Coach & Business Mentor here!

I'm so excited to be hosting my annual planning challenge for direct sellers for the 5th year in a row!

Most of all, I can't wait to help you get set up for success and go into the new year filled with hope, confidence and a plan of action to reach your goals!

Details & Replay Info:

  • The goal planning training & workbook is broken down into 3 sections & videos.
  • Each video and workbook section will guide you through the steps for reviewing, dreaming and planning the next 90 days and 12 months based on your definition of success and what is best for you & your business. 
  • You'll also get access to the replay from a bonus Q & A and training session where I shared 8 steps to help make sure you're ready to implement your new plans and to stay on track all year long
  • You'll also get access to my downloadable / printable Annual Goal Planning Guide. This 30+ page goal, life & business planning guide includes guided questions, review pages, worksheets and my step by step process for reviewing and releasing the past year, dreaming and creating a vision for next year and the tools to create a step by step plan for achieving your goals, hitting your targets and staying on track all year long.

What we covered during the challenge:

Part 1

Reviewing & Releasing 2020

In part 1 of the training & guided workbook, we'll be looking at how to review where you are, what you accomplished, what you are grateful for, where you struggled this year. Then we'll do the work to release any negative mindsets, stories, habits and frustrations so you can start 2021 with a clean slate, confident heart and clear mind.
We'll also do a a refreshing activity to bless & release 2020.

Part 2

Dreams & Vision for 2021

In part 2 of the training & guided workbook, we'll get clear on what success in life and business during 2021 looks like to you, what goals you want to achieve, the projects you want to complete, the habits you want to create, who you want to be and what you want to do and have in 2021 so you have a solid vision for the year ahead.
We'll also be creating our vision boards & focus word for 2021.

Part 3

Planning & Prepping for 2021

In part 3 of the training & guided workbook, we'll be covering how take your vision and turn it into yearly, quarterly & monthly targets & milestones. You'll create a monthly & weekly action plan for the necessary activities, habits and mindsets that will enable you to stay on track to reaching your goals and dreams in 2021.
We'll also write up a success map for our goals for 2021.

After going through the 3 parts of the training, you'll have time to complete the workbook sections and begin implementing your new plan as you welcome in the new year.

Then you can watch the replay of a bonus session where I answered your ?'s about goal setting, planning, productivity and mindset. I also shared 8 steps to help you prepare for, deal with and overcome obstacles, fears, struggles and setbacks that you may encounter during the year when working to achieve your goals so you can stay on track (or get back on track when life and ups and downs happen).

Let's talk about that amazing Goal Planning Guide & Workbook.

2021 DSCEO Goal Planning Workbook Preview

This year's Goal Planning Guide has been updated with several new worksheets, detailed questions, guided activities and planning steps to help you take a deep dive into reviewing, dreaming & planning for the upcoming year as well as setting and breaking your goals down into step by step action plans.

We cover personal and business in the training and workbook sections because as an entrepreneur it's essential you balance both and take care of your personal mindset and health too.

(This is a 30+ page downloadable, fillable PDF document that you can print yourself or type in it on any device.)

What others have to say about this year's planning challenge & workbook:

"I cannot say enough about the Challenge. It helped me so much! It gave me a new perspective and helped me with my negative mindset. The steps to overcome the “stories” we tell ourselves was very beneficial. Breaking down goals into small steps is a huge help too. I know this Challenge is going to help me be intentional and focused this year which will undoubtedly increase my business and help me be more present in my personal life."

- Christie C.

"This was the best goal setting training I have ever taken. Misty is so thoughtful and thorough in her presentation and accompanying materials."

- Cindy N.

"I most enjoyed the workbook - the beauty of the pages and the questions and review. I especially benefited from releasing 2020 and the specific Goal pages that broke them down into steps!"

- Donna Lyn W.

"Enjoyed the video and workbook alongside. The questions made you really think about the good in life and how you can work on taking that into the next year to create the life you want and goals to set. It has made me more positive and seeing that to achieve my goals I need to work on the inside goals first."

- Ceri B.

"This is my 4th or 5th year doing your annual planning challenge and I have to say it gets better and better every year! It's a great way to reset and start the new year off in a good mindset and with a plan in place. I have been able to see growth in my business and more confidence in myself year after year because of your planning training and workbooks. Thank you so much for continuing to offer this!"

- Heather R.

"Doing a similar planning challenge with you last year changed my life and business in 2020. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do it again!"

- Paula F.

Annual  Goal Planning Challenge and Workbook for Direct Sellers

Purchase lifetime access to Annual Planning Challenge Replays & Workbook

only $21 usd (one-time payment)

All sales final. No refunds. This is a digital product which you will access online via our member portal with recorded videos and a downloadable / fillable / printable PDF workbook.


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